About HostingKingdom.com

About Hi there I am Matt and welcome to HostingKingdom.com. I live in Melbourne Australia with my wife, our two daughters and our pug.

I have been building websites since I was a teenager and I have used many web hosts over the years. Some have been good, some not so good and some have been outright horrible.

I decided to create a place where I could review hosting companies and share my bit of my personal knowledge when it comes to finding a good web hosting company. Hosting Kingdom is that place. I also blog about stuff related to web hosting so make sure you check out the blog.

HostingKingdom.com is a one man show, it's me looking after the site, I am the one doing the reviews, putting up the content and spending way too many hours (according to my wife at least) tinkering with the site. However I do from time to time get help from a handful of freelance bloggers who write some of the blog posts for me.

Feel free to get in touch with me via email or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or . Also check out the resource page and the blog where I blog about topics relating to web hosting such as web development, SEO and social media.