Email is an essential ingredient in everyday life. We send and receive emails on a daily basis. An email has become the preferred method for communicating on both a personal and business level.

cpanel email tutorial

Your web hosting account normally includes an unlimited number of email accounts and a range of tools for managing emails. When getting hosting email isn’t set up automatically for you. It’s something you need to set up yourself, luckily it’s an easy thing to do. Learn how to create and manage email accounts with cPanel, how to set up forwarders, prevent spam, and how to access webmail.

How to create an email account

Creating an email account is essential so that you can both send and receive emails from customers or other visitors to your website. Send and receive emails using webmail. Learn how to create an email signature.

How to create an email account forwarder

Email forwarding allows you to send a copy of all emails from one email address to another. For example, to be automatically sent to Learn how to send emails from Gmail, using your own email address instead of your Gmail address.

How to create email auto responders

You can use autoresponders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends you an email. This can be useful for when you are on holiday or is unavailable, you can send out a generic message from your email address.

How to enable and configure SpamAssasin

SpamAssassin is a mail filter to identify and delete spam. Access it by clicking on the SpamAssassin icon, to enable SpamAssassin, simply click on the “Enable SpamAssassin” button. You can automatically delete spam by setting the number of hits required before mail is considered spam. 5 is the default setting. The higher the number, the more conservative the setting is.

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