Bitly Bulk URL Shortener Tool

Okay so you have 50 URLs and you want to convert them all into shortened URLs. But you don’t want to manually copy 50 URLs into, and then manually paste 50 URLs out of Bitly.

Here is a tool you can use to mass shorten up to 50 URLs. This simple tool uses Google Docs and the API to automate the process. Here is how you do it.

Get a Bitly Account

Go get a free account and log in to your account. Go to your account settings page. In settings, under advanced, you’ll see “OAuth Applications”, click the link and create a Generic Access Token (have this page open as you’ll need the keys in the the next steps).

bitly oauth registration

On this page you need to confirm your Bitly password and go ahead and click “generate token”.

Bitly Generic Access Token

Get the Google Docs spreadsheet

Sign in to your Google Drive account and click this link to download the Google Docs spreadsheet

A copy of the spreadsheet will open. Now go to “File” -> “Make a copy” (Important: as this creates a copy which you can edit)

Google spreadsheets

Start Creating Bulk URLs

Place the access token you generated in the earlier step into cell A3. Paste your URLs into cell A6

Your shortened URLs should now appear in the Short URL column (column B6).

bitly bulk shorten urls

Et voila, it’s as simple as that

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