16 Types of Websites You Can Build Using WordPress

If you’ve considered building a website, whether for fun or for your business, then you’ve likely heard a lot of buzz surrounding the WordPress software. You know people say great things about it, but you’re still left to wonder if WordPress is right for you.

While the software is popular amongst bloggers, there’s so much more you can do with it. Want more than just a blogging platform? Consider a self-hosted WordPress option, and you’ll be on your way toward building your dream site. Check out below the different types of sites you can build using WordPress.

websites you can build with wordpress

1. Blog

As mentioned, WordPress is a popular blogging platform, so whether you want to build a blog for business or for pleasure, it’s easy to do using WordPress. All the blogging software is already there, so you simply have to choose one of the thousands of themes (or have a custom one made) and then begin populating your site with content.

2. Coupon Site

If you want to make money with a coupon site by using affiliate links, WordPress is a great platform to use. With numerous coupon themes like Clipper, and additional plugins available at your disposal, you’ll easily find the tools you need to launch your coupon site.

3. Job Board

Like with the coupon site example, there are loads of themes and plugins available for you to create your very own job board, whether you decide to make that the main focus of your site or you’re just looking to post jobs in your niche. The JobEngine theme is just one option to get you started, or you can run with a plugin like the WordPress Job Board Plugin. One example of a job board is ProBlogger, which uses WordPress and features a job section.

4. Forum

Want to create a forum on your site to get people talking and interacting? All you have to do is add a plugin like BB Press, and you can get the conversation going in no time! Customize your categories and manage your users all from your WordPress dashboard. If you’re looking for more of a Q&A format, themes like AskIt make that simple.

5. Article Directory

Looking to create a niche article directory? WordPress allows you to have users register and submit content from the front end of your site. Themes like the Article Directory theme will help get you started.

6. Corporate/Business Site

If you’re looking to set up a website for your corporation, business, or non-profit, WordPress makes this super easy. There are thousands of business themes to work with, and you’ll be able to incorporate practically any function you want, from sharing the simplest information about your business to setting up an online shop, gathering support tickets, allowing customers to book appointments online, and more. This is ideal for practically any business, from real estate companies to car dealerships to mom and pop shops and more.

7. Booking Site

Whether you own a hotel, a restaurant, a salon, or any other type of business that requires appointments, you can use WordPress to let your customers book online. Booking System Pro is one example of a premium WordPress plugin that makes booking online easy.

8. Membership Site

Want to offer subscription-based content to users? WordPress lets you do this by helping you protect your content from the general public. You can then choose to charge a fee or offer membership for free before users can access that content.

9. Social Site

While you may not see as much success as Facebook or Twitter, you can still start building your very own social networking site with WordPress’s software. BuddyPress is one of the most popular plugins for building social sites.

10. Portfolio

Want to showcase your talents under your very own domain? Whether you’re a photographer, writer, architect, comedian, or web designer, there are thousands of themes that offer countless ways to display your portfolio. ThemeForest.net lists over 870 portfolio themes for WordPress.

11. News Site

Want to put your journalistic talents to work? Start your own news site! Pressroom is just one example of a news site theme, but there are tons of other news and magazine-style layouts available. Even sites like CNN, Time, and BBC America use WordPress, so it’s definitely possible to create layouts and functions like some of the most popular news outlets.

12. eCommerce Site

Looking for a platform that will allow you to sell your products online? WordPress can help with that. Start with a theme like eStore eCommerce, or browse the countless eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce to start listing your products and gathering orders today. You can even set up your own Amazon shop with your Amazon Associates account coupled with a few great plugins, so you can start selling products without needing your own inventory. Best Buy is just one example of an eCommerce site that’s powered by WordPress.

13. Classified Site

Want to set up a site like Craigslist? Plugins like Classipress will get you started in listing your classified ads. With it, you can sell the ad space and even set up membership packs.

14. Wiki

If you’re interested in building a site like Wikipedia where users can all collaborate in wiki format, you’ve come to the right place. It’s really simple to get your WordPress wiki site started with themes like Flatbase.

15. Review Site

With post-rating plugins, you can create a site where users can review and rate products. Free plugins like WP-PostRatings will get you started.

16. Customer Feedback/Support Site

If your business is looking to build a site designed to gather customer feedback or to offer customer support, look no further than WordPress. Themes like Ideas are great for gathering customer suggestions and responding to their ideas. Otherwise, try something like the Support Desk theme to start collecting support tickets.

As you can see, there’s a lot more you can do with WordPress than simply blogging if you’re given the right themes and the proper plugins. Ready to begin building your site? Start by comparing web hosts to get on track toward your site launch.

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