5 Finishing Touches Before Publishing Your Blog Post

Blogging is an art form of its own, especially when one considers the amount of creative effort and energy that goes into crafting original content to connect with readers. And with over a hundred million blogs populating the interwebs, every tiny detail matters if one wants to be heard, and remembered.

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Sloppiness will not be tolerated in the blogosphere, not when there are billions of blog posts vying for our attention every day. Here are our top 5 tips on finishing touches you can inject into your posts, to draw in more readers.

Use Powerful Images

Powerful images help reinforce the message behind the content, in addition to creating a more emotional impact on the audience. Most of us naturally gravitate towards visuals. It’s no surprise Instagram managed to attract 40 million users in just two years.

With the proliferation of high quality images available on Flickr and innovative photo-editing apps on smartphones today, there’s no excuse for poorly lit or bland-looking images. Article links accompanied by images are proven to generate more clicks compared to text-only links.

Run a Thorough Spell-check

Spelling and grammatical errors are inexcusable when almost all content editors are designed to run automatic spell-checks before publishing your post. Perception is everything. Overlooking the smallest details such as grammar and spelling projects an unprofessional image. It says that you don’t care enough to provide readers with your best work.

Enable Sharing Options

Sharing options should be visible and easily accessible, since one of your primary objectives is to encourage readers to share your content. Without sharing options enabled, readers can still copy and paste the link on social media, but chances are they will only go to the trouble if they absolutely love your work.

Readers need to be nudged into taking action. The easier you make it for them to act, the higher the chances of them following your trail of breadcrumbs.

Always Have a Call to Action

A post without a call to action is like a story without a purpose. What effect do you want your content to have on readers? Start a conversation? Compel them to subscribe to your service? Prompt them to download your free e-book? Or perhaps inspire them to change their perspective on a specific issue?

Having a clear call to action establishes clarity and authority. And it can even filter your audience to retain only those who truly connect with your message.

Include SEO Meta Data

Optimizing your posts with the relevant metadata – title tag, URL, meta description, image alt text – is a must if you want to rank well on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – hint: you do. Providing relevant and unique information in metadata elements will get you better search engine rankings. More tips on page optimization here.

If you haven’t been adding these special touches to your posts, it’s time to get started. Try it out and compare the before and after effects. You might be pleasantly surprised!


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