6 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Blogging

Since I started blogging I’ve found myself on more than one occasion thinking “In hindsight I should have”. Whether it was realizing I should have started my blog sooner or that sadly my blog was not going to be famous overnight, the beauty of hindsight has over time helped me become a better blogger.

Things I Knew Before Starting Blogging

Still, I would have preferred to know a lot more than I actually did before I started blogging rather than after the fact. Who wouldn’t! So today I’m sharing with you the six tips I wish I knew before starting blogging.

1. Diversify Your Income Source

If you’re planning on making money from your blog then don’t make the same mistake as I did and put all your eggs in the Google AdSense basket. Those stories you hear about Google banning innocent accounts are actually true. It does happen.

Is it possible to get your AdSense account reinstated? Yes. Is it easy to get your account reinstated? Hell no. Diversify your income source on your blog from day one, no excuses!

2. Take a Stand

If you want a successful blog then you have to stand out and to do that you have to have an opinion. Not only that, you have to be brave enough to share that opinion with the world.

Feeling low on courage like I did at the beginning? Then just remember that fence sitters are boring – don’t be that blogger!

3. Become an Expert

By narrowing down what you blog about, you’ll quickly be seen as an expert in your field. Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not.

If you write about all things dogs, then sure you’ll get a following. If you write specifically about why dogs bark and how to stop them you’ll become the dog-barking expert and attract a larger following!

4. Build a List

Attracting traffic to your blog will be the major challenge you’ll face as a new blogger. The worst mistake I made was not having those first crucial and subsequent visitors sign up to my newsletter list. Hand on heart this is something I still need to get way better at!

If there is one thing you do after reading these six tips it should be to set up an opt-in for your newsletter, free report or what have you. Once you have your visitors email you can chat to them again and attract them back to your blog. The money really is in the list, no ifs, buts or maybes.

5. Get Real

Have you been dreaming about a four-hour workweek where you blog from your hammock on an island paradise? Thought so. I did too. But let’s just rip the band aid off this one fast and get it over with. You are not quitting your day job anytime soon and your island paradise is quite a ways off.

Get blogging, get consistent and get real. It is possible to become a lifestyle blogger, but you’ll need persistence and a whole lot of hard work before you start sipping cocktails all day.

6. Build a Network

I found blogging to be a lonely place at times and it was this more than anything that caught me by surprise at the beginning. The sooner you start networking with other bloggers in your niche the sooner you can all start sending traffic each others way.

Of course there is much more to blogging than just these six tips, however, by having this extra knowledge tucked away in your blogging tool kit you’re more likely to achieve your blogging goals.

Blogging really is an awesome way to make a living and to drive extra business to your online or offline store, and now with the beauty of my hindsight, you’re sure to find the ride a whole lot easier.

What blogging potholes have you found yourself stuck in that you wished someone had forewarned you of?


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