Bitly Bulk URL Shortener Tool

Okay so you have 50 URLs and you want to convert them all into shortened URLs. But you don’t want to manually copy 50 URLs into, and then manually paste 50 URLs out of Bitly.

Here is a tool you can use to mass shorten up to 50 URLs. This simple tool uses Google Docs and the API to automate the process. Here is how you do it.

Get a Bitly Account

Go get a free account and log in to your account. Go to your account settings page. In settings, under advanced, you’ll see “OAuth Applications”, click the link and create a Generic Access Token (have this page open as you’ll need the keys in the the next steps).

bitly oauth registration

On this page you need to confirm your Bitly password and go ahead and click “generate token”.

Bitly Generic Access Token

Get the Google Docs spreadsheet

Sign in to your Google Drive account and click this link to download the Google Docs spreadsheet

A copy of the spreadsheet will open. Now go to “File” -> “Make a copy” (Important: as this creates a copy which you can edit)

Google spreadsheets

Start Creating Bulk URLs

Place the access token you generated in the earlier step into cell A3. Paste your URLs into cell A6

Your shortened URLs should now appear in the Short URL column (column B6).

bitly bulk shorten urls

Et voila, it’s as simple as that


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65 comments on “Bitly Bulk URL Shortener Tool”

  1. carole scott

    This works only if I keep the document on google drive. If I download it, the formulas all work initially but then if I close and then reopen my spreadsheet, it gets screwed up. So strange.

    • Matt @ HostingKingdom

      That’s right Carole, won’t work ‘offline’ as the ‘formulas need to talk with’ the Bitly API. Haven’t tried it but the Google Drive Desktop app might work, let’s you work with docs and spreadsheets offline and it automagically saves and syncs.

      • Hai

        I paste list 50 urls and it is very slow on working. It took me a long time to wait, it showed loading all time. Please show me how make it faster ?

  2. Karri

    OMG. I have needed this since forever. Thank you SO very much for creating it!

  3. Alex

    Same here! Thank you very much for this useful hint!
    After I shortened 250 links I got a “Rate Limit Exceeded”- error message. I expected this error much earlier. Does anyone know how long I have to wait before I can continue?

  4. Duncan

    I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and love it, but recently I’m seeing a message that I’m about to reach the ImportData limit of 50 (?)

    I’ve managed to find so far, that the new version of Sheets doesn’t have this limit, but when I’ve tried to copy the function in to a new version it tells me that urlencode is an ‘unknown function’

    Any ideas on creating this same tool in the new Sheets?

    • Matt @ HostingKingdom

      Hi Duncan, glad you like it. I haven’t experienced this, not sure if this will work but instead of copying the formulas into a new spreadsheet, see if making a copy of the spreadsheet works (top menu > file > make a copy). Let me know how you go.

  5. Ellory Wells

    Awesome tool! Thank you!

    Do you know if there is a way to Title the links within a given parameter? For example, I’d like to shorten links with a title in order – Podcast 1, Podcast 2, Podcast 3, etc. or another batch, Blog 1, Blog 2, etc.

    Is this possible?

  6. Zarabianie na Blogu

    really good guide. I never thought that bitly can be used to mass-shortening links!

  7. Rob Morrow

    Thanks for sharing mate! It really helped a lot!

  8. Maheshwar

    Hey, thanks for this simple and useful tool and a detailed write-up ! Loved it !

  9. Cathrine Pitsi

    You have no ideaaaaaa what this done for me, everyday I have been converting 38 urls’ one after the other…Best thing that’s happened this week lol. Thanks Guys, ya’ll ROCK!!!

  10. JaimeJCandau

    Ohhhh….. I LOVE THIS. Huge thanks Matt!!!!

  11. FreeDomain

    How about 10k urls in bulk?

  12. Arkadi

    Excellent. This does work! (some do not)
    Thank You!

  13. ECRoyce

    Great little Gdocs applet. Thank you!

  14. Wreifu

    Great Doc! thanks for share!

  15. Ralph Tyrell

    Thank you Matt for this post. You just saved me a whole lot of time! To be honest with you my eye first glazed over when I glanced at the API steps, but it was very well explained an incredibly simple.

  16. Br

    If you want an offline version, download as CSV

  17. Erika Can

    OH. MY. GOD.
    That works flawlessly!

    Thank you so much!

  18. Matt Scofield

    Super helpful thank you!!

  19. Lyndsey

    Is anyone finding that bit links are not being created well and constantly loading or coming pu with N/a?

    • john

      The same here, I could create short url some weeks ago but now I get only “loading…” message and can´t create. Is the script still working?

      • Matt @ HostingKingdom

        I just tested the spreadsheet plugging in my bitly oauth access token and it works for me (see

        • Joe

          Matt if you want to replicate the issue mentioned by others. Place a link to be shortened and leave it there DO NOT ERASE it. Then come back hours later sometimes the next day and then some or all will say N/A. Sometimes it fixes itself sometimes it doesn’t.

          • Herbert

            Did you manage to find a solution on that one? i.e. reusing the same sheet over more then 1 week, after day 2 you indeed see ‘N/A’ in the cells with bitly’s of the previous day… it seem he can generate links but tries to recreate them in via the api and then encounters they already existed…

  20. Megan

    This is amazing. It just saved me soooo much time. Thanks!

  21. randy siegel

    can this be done for 2000 links by creating 40 different files?

  22. Prateek

    Wondorful tool, it simplified my lots of manual. work

  23. tukang

    great. solve my problem. bulk short url

  24. Has the service stopped working?


    I’ve been using the shortening service a few times in the past month but now it doesn’t seem to work. Any idea why?

  25. Gary

    Great tip, thank you. Do you have any idea how to accomplish the reverse? Decoding the shortened urls in bulk?

    Thanks again,

  26. Sebastian Sanchez

    Thank you so much helped me a lot!

  27. Hariharan

    It worked 🙂 Thanks for saving a lot time 🙂

  28. cholid budiman

    Her bitly link does not appear, the problem is what?

  29. Alex

    Thanks a lot !!! I saved so much time ! 🙂

  30. Derric Haynie

    You can do something very similar with, except you can put it on your own custom domain instead of using “” and you can do more than 50 URLs at once.

  31. fawzy mawy

    There is alos
    works pretty much as intended

  32. fawzy mawy

    I believe is designed to make this – multiple URLs all at once and it varies the source dynamically and report grouped URLs that belong to same campaign

  33. Rahman Wirajaya

    For the N/A problem, I figured that we just simply delete and paste the exact OAuth again. And voila, at least it works for me… Btw, thank you so much Matt! :]

  34. EK

    Doesn’t seem to work anymore… Some API error on the step of generating new short urls in the table

  35. Greg

    Sir, I love you! I’ve been looking for this for so long.
    You’re the real mvp!

  36. Tony Cox

    This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  37. Saga Iqranegara

    really useful!

  38. Alisa

    this doesn’t work. I followed the direction. when I went to the “make copy” part of the direction, it only let me save to drive but did not specify if this “drive” is my own computer’s hard drive or not. I did so anyway to continue to the next step, copy/pasted a bunch of URLs from a text file. there were no shortened URLs or anything whatsoever generated to the other box on the right side of the page. why can’t these stupid URL shorten websites just already have batch shorteners? this is tedious. I don’t want to be held up in my work to have to learn how to do something new just to get a task done. I also don’t want to download any program either. How do I know who made it or is it contains spyware?

  39. Offing

    Thanks Matt! This method is simply and well explained, so I could short all my links quickly. Regards!

  40. J. Husin

    This is great! Thanks!

  41. Colin Clapp

    Thank you. Worked a treat. So simple and so quick just when I needed it!

  42. Suresh

    This thing still works without issues 🙂 You rock, Matt!
    Saves time for the client reporting. and all.

  43. Sally Dikckson

    This is not working for me today. I copy the long URLS from Excel, and it does nothing – what am I doing wrong?

  44. Kathleen

    Outstanding tutorial Matt. Thank you for this!

  45. Mas Trigus

    This is amazing Mr. it work, It just saved me so much time. Thanks!

  46. Sasha

    Well looks interesting, i will try it – have the plan to shorten 2K links, so, based on what i read here it has to be done in batches? Is there any other tool to (semi) automate it ?


  47. Bagas Priyambodo

    OMG! Thanks, bro. It totally works!

  48. Mat

    Hi there!

    Unable to make a copy?

  49. Bárbara

    Is this still working on 2019? Because I’m trying to do it, but hasn’t it worked. Please someone could help me? Thanks


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