Don’t Be a Sheep! Avoid Cheap Web Hosting

It’s not exactly a warm and fluffy compliment when you’re likened to a sheep. Sheep tend to follow others mindlessly, and they make an annoying bleating sound when they’re in distress. What’s more, a sheep may get eaten by wolves.

cheap web hosting

So in the tough Darwinian environment called the Internet, you really don’t want to be a sheep. But you act like a sheep when you make use of sheep cheap web hosting.

It doesn’t matter that a lot of people are like you who also like cheap web hosting. Pretty soon, you’ll be bleating in frustration when the following problems present themselves:

1. Your web hosting provider shuts down. A lot of these new web hosting companies offer ridiculously low prices to attract lots of customers right away. But they may not last for long, and pretty soon you’ll need to start over with another web hosting provider.

2. Your web pages take forever to load. While some web hosting companies group up to a hundred websites in just one computer server, cheap web hosting plans could mean having hundreds or even a thousand websites sharing the same server. And that means the loading time can take as long as 30 seconds or longer!

And as you should know by now, that’s not exactly welcome news. A 2009 study conducted by Forrester Research found that lots of online shoppers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

3. Storage space is extremely limited. When you grow your website, you will quickly hit your ceiling. And then you’ll find just how expensive it will be for you when you’re forced to upgrade your web hosting on the same site.

4. Your website becomes more vulnerable to attacks. With so many websites sharing a server, chances are greater that there will be a website that’s going to use a rogue process that can crash a server. Or one of the websites will be targeted with service attacks, and these will affect your website too.

5. Customer support is virtually non-existent. You’re basically on your own. While you can send them an email, you can’t expect any quick response that’s actually helpful. And don’t even think about developer support.

6. There’s no database support. Most reputable web hosting solutions have a database service built in, but not the cheap ones. And that’s going to be an issue if you use Joomla or WordPress.

7. High traffic volume is impossible. Your website may work seamlessly when only your friends and family visit it. But when you finally get your website on the first page of Google, you’ll find out that attracting too many visitors will crash your server.

8. You may lose your data. In general, you’re in charge of making your own backups and in the fine print you’ll discover that the web hosting company is not responsible for any data loss due to a server crash.

9. A cheap web hosting solution makes your brand look cheap too. That’s not really an image you want to promote if you’re serious about your online business.

10. It could damage your reputation. With cheap hosting, you may even share IP addresses. And that means you may share the same digital ID with spammers, pornographers, hate groups, and pirates. Who wants to be associated with these shady groups?

You don’t want to be a sheep, right? So avoid cheap web hosting. You get what you pay for, and with cheap web hosting the problems you get will eventually eat you up.


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