How To Install WordPress In Less Than 30 Seconds

Did you think installing WordPress was difficult? You couldn’t be more wrong. Here I am going show you how you can have WordPress installed on your web host in less than 30 seconds.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel

cpanel login screen

Step 2: Click on “Fantastico De Luxe” or “Softaculous”

install wordpress in less than 30 seconds

Majority of web hosts will have one or the other, sometimes both are available. Both are very similar, both are software installation scripts.

In this example we’ll use Softaculous.

Step 3: Click on “WordPress” & “Install”

softaculous wordpress installer

Step 4: Fill out the details & click “Install”

install wordpress on your web host

Step 5: And You’re Done!

There you go. Setting up WordPress couldn’t be easier. Next is to get a WordPress theme (great collection of free responsive themes here) and start blogging.

A prerequisite to doing this is of course that you have a web host. If you don’t already then go and check out our web hosting reviews.


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