Starting Your Own Beauty Blog For Under $100 – Insanely Simple & Easy Steps

The beauty niche is both fun and exciting. The industry in itself is highly dynamic, so trends are constantly evolving, and topics are always changing.

If you are excited about cosmetics, general health, skincare, hairstyles, beauty products and fashion, then you can carve a place for yourself online with a beauty blog.

how to start a beauty blog for under $100

Why Start a Beauty Blog?

You don’t have to have a writing degree or a professional writing background to start your very own beauty blog.

In fact, many of the most popular blogs online are created by people who just write about what excites them the most, and update their readers constantly with informative and witty posts.

There are many benefits from having your own blog. First of all, you can earn a decent income through ads, and hookups with beauty and fashion companies.

You can also connect with retailers of beauty products to allow you to earn extra income.

There are also many beauty bloggers who are sent products for testing and reviews, sometimes even before the products hit the stores.

This allows you to be exposed to the latest trends in the beauty industry, a great advantage if you want to become an authority in this niche.

Before You Get Started

It is important to brainstorm right at the onset. When the inspiration hits you, sit down and decide on what aspect of the beauty industry would you want to blog about. Then make a list of the posts that you might want to write.

The most important question you can ask is: “If I were my own blog reader, what would I be interested in reading?

Also think about the different “subcategories” that you can rotate through. For example: Product Reviews, Product of the Day, Makeover Tips, and Random Stuff.

Next up, look around at other blogs and observe the things that you like and don’t like in terms of content, themes, writing style, and overall appearance.

Do not copy anyone of course, but looking around will help you get your creative juices flowing and get some ideas on how your blog can be different.

Also think about how to add media to your posts such as videos or photos. It would help if you have a high-definition camera that captures clear photos, as well as photo-editing software for color correction and cropping.

Also consider your target posting frequency. Would you like or be able to post every day, once a week, or every 3 days? Take note that no matter what frequency you decide on, it is important that you post regularly.

You’d easily lose your readers if your posting is inconsistent. It would actually be easier if you can write posts in advance then just “schedule” them for future dates.

Now, how do you earn money? There are a few ways to monetize your blog. The most popular way is via Google Adsense – you can earn revenue when viewers click on the ads on your blog.

The Nitty-Gritty Stuff – Easy Steps to Create Your Own Beauty Blog

To summarize, there are 4 easy steps on how to start a beauty blog:

  1. Pick a web hosting provider
  2. Get a domain name
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Beautify your beauty blog

But before we get down to those steps, let’s talk about hosting first – whether to choose free or paid hosting.

What in the world is free hosting?

If this is your first blogging venture, you would do well to start with a free blog hosting provider. Free hosting means that you can start your blog without paying anything via a hosting provider. The best examples are and

Why choose free hosting?

The best advantage to using free blog hosting is of course, you won’t have to spend anything to get started. All you have to do is to sign up for an account and you are ready to go.

You won’t have to worry about using your credit card for monthly or yearly fees.

Free blog hosting is also an excellent option if you have no to little experience in web design. Most free blog hosting providers such as have ready-made blog templates.

All you have to do is to choose your preferred theme, then type away your first post. You are also allowed to customize your blog up to a certain point.

The Downsides

The biggest downside to free blog hosting is you don’t own the domain. Your URL will always be like “” instead of simply “”.

Although being a sub-domain can be good enough for those who are just starting out, you will find it more challenging to scale up your blog if you want to be recognized as an authority in the beauty niche or when you want to establish your own name or brand.

Another disadvantage to using free blog hosting services is having limited options in terms of customization. With free blog hosting, you can change the themes, layouts, colors and fonts, but you can’t expect a lot of functionality on your site.

Also, you would have to contend with a lot of ads on your blog.

Choosing Paid Hosting

If you started your blog using free hosting and you have gained a decent following, you can scale up by moving your blog to a paid hosting.

Here are the benefits:

  • Your own domain – one of the best advantages when you choose premium blog hosting is owning the name or the domain of your blog.Why is this important? Owning the domain makes it easier for people to remember your site address. You can also establish your blog for personal branding and monetizing it would be easier.
  • Your own email – all paid hosting providers allows you one or more customized email address. For example, if your blog domain is “”, you can have an email address such as [email protected] or [email protected].This way, you won’t have to use your personal Gmail or Yahoo address when corresponding with your followers. You can also setup autoresponders for communication and marketing purposes.
  • Easy-to-use Website Builder—while premium hosting is mostly used by experienced website developers, a beginner with zero knowledge of coding can use it. Thanks to website builders included in hosting packages, you can create your beauty blog just by clicking and dragging elements.The best thing about this is that you can fully customize your site with more functionality, themes, layouts and color schemes to match your preferences and branding.
  • No advertisements—because you paid for the hosting package, your blog will be totally free of ads, aside from those that you put yourself.
  • Plugins and widgets—paid blog hosting allows you to enhance the usability and functionality of your site via plugins, apps and widgets. You can also add feeds and image galleries from your social media accounts.
  • Monetize your blog – many free hosting providers state in their terms and conditions that you cannot monetize your blog, which means that you can’t offer your space for ads. Google Adsense also does not approve free hosted blogs for monetizing.

By now, you should be able to determine which hosting option to choose. For premium hosting, there are a lot to choose from, and it is highly recommended that you check the reviews for the hosting provider you choose so that you will know if it will meet your budget and hosting needs.

Take note that when you buy a hosting package, it normally comes with a domain name registration. You won’t have to purchase a domain name so you won’t have to spend more.

Now that you have an idea about hosting, let’s talk about choosing your blog name and getting a domain name.

Choosing an Awesome Domain Name

Yes, this can be a challenging step. The sheer number of options alone can be a source of confusion. So here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Combine your favorite words that coincide with the beauty industry. Ask yourself: what excites you about the beauty niche? What is your personality and how does it connect to your interest in blogging? What are your favorite words? What are your hobbies? What topics would you like to cover in your blog? What words would best describe your blog?
  • Brainstorm and jot down the words that are associated with your brand or theme. Scribble down everything that comes to mind. You can then use a thesaurus and write some more related words. You will now have a bank of words that you can choose from.
  • Sort out the options, shortlist and determine what goes well together. You can ask other people to read out what you have shortlisted so far, and from there, choose the ones that can be easily pronounced.
  • Go to GoDaddy or Namecheap and check if the ones you have shortlisted are available. Short, 2-syllable domain names are always better. Don’t use ones that have dashes ( as these are hard to remember.

Extra Tips

Always keep it short, sweet and simple. Your blog name should be exactly the same as your URL so that there’d be no confusion. Play on words and use witty ones. The blog name should be easy to remember, spell and pronounce.

Installing WordPress

Once you have registered for a hosting plan and a domain name, you will need to use the user-friendliest blogging platform there is – WordPress.

WP is the world’s most popular Content Management System that helps bloggers manage their content easily such as adding new posts, modifying them, updating and deleting content, and customizing it to make it more beautiful.

You won’t have to spend extra with WordPress as it is often included in even the most basic web hosting packages. Installing is a jiff, but we will show you how to do it step by step.

For this purpose, we will use BlueHost as an example (if you need help with signing up with Bluehost then check out this step by step guide)

Step #1: Login to your new BlueHost account and then click on “Hosting”. Look for the Website Builders panel, and below you will find WordPress.

Step #2: Click “Install”. You will be brought to another page. Select the domain, and then click on “Check Domain”.

Step #3: Tick on the “I have read the terms and conditions” option, and then hit “Install Now”.

Step #4: A box saying “We are installing WordPress for you” will appear. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes for the process to complete. Once done, click on “View Processes” and then “View Credentials”.

Step #5: You will need to input your login details on the next page. Click on “Admin URL” then type in your username and password.

Your WordPress installation is complete and by now, you have officially build your beauty blog for under $100.

Making Your Beauty Blog Beautiful

So you are now running a beauty blog. It should go without saying that your template must be beautiful – a pretty reflection of your niche. Depending on your taste and style, you can go for a minimalist theme, or go for a really colorful template.

The important thing is to keep your layout organized and clean. Your readers should be able to easily find the information they are looking for. If you intend to put a lot of photos, use high-quality images.

There are tons of free WordPress themes aside from what you see on your WP dashboard. If you can’t buy premium WordPress themes just yet, go to and look for beauty related WordPress themes.

Another option, recommended as you don’t have to spend too much time with customizing the design and look and feel is to go with a premium beauty WordPress theme from (costs around $50).

Installing a theme is a breeze. Just click on “Appearance”, then click “Themes”, choose “Add New”, select your theme, then click on “Upload Theme”. Both free and premium themes come with detailed instruction on how to get started.

Final Thoughts

Running a beauty blog is both a rewarding and challenging venture. The most important things you must remember are dedication, consistency and passion. Do not expect that it will be a hit overnight.

It takes time to build a large readership. Be patient and let your beautiful passion shine through in your blog, and the rewards will be great.


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