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Midphase was born in 2003 and comes with every capability needed for sites of all kinds. Having been in the hosting industry for fifteen years, Midphase promises to provide hosting services for anyone’s budget and needs.

They have teams all around the world – in major cities like Providence and Salt Lake City, Utah, across the Atlantic in London, UK, and as far East as Lviv, Ukraine.

The organization goes to great lengths to keep customer data secure. Promising to keep user information under lock and key, Midphase’s data is stored in a Tier 3 datacenter in a disaster-safe space in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Protected by 24-hour surveillance, the datacenter has backup power generators for its backup power generators and is equipped with canopy cold row cooling.

Midphase hosting comes at bargain prices and gives users plenty of options for their servers.


Midphase offers a great variety of services in addition to basic web hosting.

Domain names, WordPress hosting, every type of web hosting possible, and extra features like Cloudflare and Sitelock give you plenty of useful options to choose from.



Choosing the proper domain name can make all the difference in the success of a website. It defines your image on the internet. The world will perceive you accordingly.

With Midphase, you can find your ideal domain name for your site. Choose from their best sellers or browse their newer domain extensions. Most of the options will fit anyone’s budget.

The location-based domains are generally the most expensive. Names like .ca and .tokyo go for $16.99/year, while others, like .la, can be as much as $39.50/year.

Newer domain names are also somewhat more expensive as far as domains go. .agency goes for $23.99/year while .solutions costs $29.99/year.

One useful feature that Midphase provides is a domain name search tool. All you have to do is enter the domain name you desire to discover the available domain extensions. They also have a bulk registration tool for those who need multiple domains.

Midphase domains come with several features, including:

  • One free webpage per domain
  • Email forwarding from up to 5 different email accounts
  • Free full DNS control
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Free domain privacy protection when registering a new domain

This seems to be one of the best web hosting services to purchase your domain from.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Midphase also offers WordPress hosting services. 25% of all sites online use WordPress, and it’s the most preferred platform for businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce sites. Midphase provides three primary categories of WordPress sites, including e-commerce, blogs, and websites.

WordPress hosting from Midphase starts at $1.99/month and includes features such as automatic malware removal, 10GB of SSD disk space, FTP access, 50 optimized themes, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and more.

Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed Hosting

Cloud, Dedicated, VPS, and Managed Hosting

From shared hosting to dedicated hosting and everything in-between, Midphase does it all.

Pro members gain the ability to choose between all available hosting methods  which is better, shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting? including:

  • Web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • SSD virtual private servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Managed hosting

Cloud hosting comes with the benefit of being able to scale for changing demands on a web server. For sites that need the utmost performance and flexibility, a managed cloud server is often the ideal solution. Plans start at $45.82/month.

SSD VPS servers come with lightning-fast connectivity and allow for precise control. VPS servers are also highly scalable. Plans start at $8.00/month.

Dedicated servers are for those who need the full package in terms of hosting – total control, maximum security, and customizable options. Larger corporations and sensitive-data controllers prefer this option. Plans start at $117.60/month.

Managed hosting combines the best of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With managed hosting, you can enjoy all the benefits of dedicated hosting without the hassle of having to run and maintain your own server.

An entire technical team will handle the details for you (for a price, of course). As with other providers, this is the costliest option. Plans start at $216.60/month.

Additional Services

Midphase also has options for some add-on features for email, security, and SEO.

Their “Website SEO Guru” tool claims to show you where your SEO is most lacking and suggest changes to improve. Use of this tool starts at $14.95/month.

Midphase offers Cloudflare services as a free addition to your site. Cloudflare helps to enhance your site’s security by passing all its traffic through their content delivery network. Over two million sites use Cloudflare.

By keeping your data in 35 different locations around the world, your site can reach any network that requests it twice as fast. Search engines and site visitors will be most pleased. This method of storage also increases your site’s uptime to nearly 99.99%. Again, Cloudflare comes free with Midphase hosting.

In addition, Midphase gives you the option of $0.50/month email hosting and $1.67/month Sitelock malware detection scanning.

This is only an introduction to the services offered by Midphase.

Reviews of Midphase Services

Girl using laptop

Midphase has a four-star overall rating on  TrustPIlot.com all of those reviews are five-stars, so it’s safe to assume the total has been dragged down due to a few angry trolls. This alone suggests that Midphase might be one of the best hosting services available. 

Let’s look at some of those five-star reviews from TrustPilot.com.​

Positive Midphase Reviews

One user named “D.M.S.B.Randiligama” claims to find Midphase superior to the other 5 large hosting companies he or she has used in the past. This user describes their performance as being “very high” and says that they have the “best 24/7 customer support service.”

Tyler Wearing of Sideways Gaming Network gives Midphase a five-star rating. After ranting about how GoDaddy was “useless” for domain hosting, he contrasts the experience he had there with that of Midphase by saying they have “great support” and “no hidden fees.”

Jefferson Imgbi describes the service as “amazing.” He says he has been using Midphase for more than 5 years and just moved to his own dedicated server. Throughout the years, they have remained “very amazing” and responded to support tickets in a timely manner.

Of course, these three reviews are featured on the Midphase site itself, meaning they might be biased. Would you host negative reviews of your service on your site? Probably not.

One positive aspect that appears time and time again in these reviews has to do with server uptime. According to the vast majority of users, websites hosted on Midphase servers have an average of about 99.97%. Most often the uptime is even closer to 100%. Compare this to the industry average of 99.94%.

Another significant perk that gets mentioned often is the fact that Midphase offers free website migration and file transfers. Whereas some competitors charge up to $150 for simply moving your existing site to their new server, Midphase will let you do it free of charge. So, if you already have a site and are unhappy with your current hosting provider, this may give you an incentive to give Midphase a shot.

Many people note that the customer service at Midphase is excellent. Some claim to have had their issues resolved in 40 minutes or less. The company offers toll-free and international phone support.

Still, there are less positive Midphase reviews elsewhere.

Negative Midphase Reviews

One thing that gets repeated over and over is how terrible the customer support is at Midphase.

This is interesting, considering the exact opposite is true when looking at the positive reviews. Some people say it’s great, others say it’s the worst in the world.

Of course, it’s not easy to have consistent customer support. It’s tough answering calls and dealing with frustrated customers all day. Perhaps the negative people caught someone on a bad day or just happened to have bad luck and reach an incompetent customers service representative.

One thing’s for sure – almost every company online today has complaints about its customer support somewhere out there. Some customers will never be satisfied no matter what you do. And some people just enjoy being trolls and trashing everyone throughout cyberspace wherever they can.

Whatever the reason, negative reviews that cite poor customer service as their primary point of contention should be considered in the correct context.

Somewhat slow page loading time is another potential concern. One user logged their average page load time over an eight-month period from the end of Q3 2017 to the beginning of Q2 2018. They found that their page took anywhere from 1,088 to 1,299ms to load.

This isn’t really a huge deal – more expensive options may have slightly better load times, but not by much. A few hundred milliseconds slower loading will not a big deal to most people and might be worth the reduced cost compared to competitors.

Others, however, especially those running commercial sites that rely heavily on conversions and usability, may prefer to host their business site elsewhere. The slight increase in hosting prices paid could be compensated for by increased profits.

Thiru M. of paidcardriving.info describes his experience of Midphase as being “a nightmare” of sorts.

He says their support is not “helpful at all,” slow to reply half the time, and he seems to take issue with one support representative named David in particular. This person just tells Thiru M. to send him an email every time he has an issue, and nothing more.

This user also claims their server went down for a full 24-hours at one point.

Merril Guice of thegoosenest.com says he is paying a $150 fee to migrate his websites away from Midphase and onto another hosting provider’s servers.

His primary complaint is that ever since the company was compromised by hackers, they have been so overly security conscious as to limit the functionality of their user’s sites. It’s difficult to even log-in without contacting customer support.

According to this user, Midphase is not worth it, even for the great price. Having to call customer service each time you need to log-in is too much of a hassle, he says.

Hashem Zahran of hashemzahran.com states that “Midphase was the worst in technical support.” He cites long response times for support tickets as being the reason for his criticism.

However, his mention of waiting five hours for a response to a high priority ticket is not that bad compared to most companies out there, whether they work in web hosting or other services. He also claims that online chats are useless and that the representatives will “talk to you for 90 minutes without solving your problem.”

It looks like most negative Midphase reviews have one thing in common: bad experiences with customer support.

Conclusion: Midphase Review Summary

Man using laptop

All in all, Midphase is a great bargain for shared web hosting. They offer all the options anyone could possibly need – dedicated servers, cloud servers, virtual private servers, managed servers, and, of course, shared servers. Additional add-ons are plentiful as well.

As far as we can tell, all of the reviews cited above were for shared servers hosted by Miphase. Unless someone states otherwise, it’s safe to assume they use a shared server, as that is the most commonly used and most affordable hosting option.

If you’re just starting out, Midphase is a fantastic option.

Furthermore, if you already have a site and are looking to change hosting providers, Midphase is the perfect solution, given that they let you migrate your site 100% free of charge.


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