Take Responsive Web Design Seriously – Snooze & You Will Lose!

This year, yes that’s 2014, it’s expected that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage. That means more people will be browsing the web on mobile devices – like smartphones and tablets – than on desktop computers. So if you have a website then you should make sure it displays properly on a mobile device, aka your website should be “responsive”. Responsive web design simply means that a website displays the same on any device, regardless if it’s a mobile or desktop device.

Best responsive web design testing tool

To test if your website is responsive and displays okay on mobile devices, just go to: http://mattkersley.com/responsive/(opens in a new window)

Simply plug in your URL into the browser address bar and hit enter.

Responsive Web Design Testing Tool

If what you see looks wonky, by that I mean if it is difficult to read and navigate the site and if you see a horizontal scrollbar then you should consider making your website responsive.

How to make your website design responsive?

There are loads of excellent how-to tutorials and I won’t be regurgitating any of them here. For example this one: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/css/responsive-website-tutorial/ or this one http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2014/05/23/next-generation-responsive-web-design-tools-webflow-edge-reflow-macaw/.

There are loads of HTML builders that are responsive out-of-the-box. CMS’s too, for example WordPress which you could consider moving your site on to. If you aren’t code-savvy you can go to Fiverr and hire someone to do it for you.

responsive web design

Going responsive will take a bit of time, effort and money but it’s worth it, because the people and customers that visit your site will do so on a mobile device. Snooze and you will lose!


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