The Ten Web Hosting Commandments

The Bible’s Ten Commandments has stood the test of time when it comes to guiding the morals of generations for thousands of years. When it comes to web hosting, you may want to pay attention to our version of the 10 web hosting commandments.

Ten Web Hosting Commandments

It may not be your soul that’s at risk, but your sanity – and your money – may be harmed if you ever break any one of these rules.

1. Thou shalt not choose a free web hosting provider. Haven’t you ever heard the saying that you get what you pay for? When it comes to web hosting, it’s not really free at all. It may be fine for casual blogging as a hobby, but if you are in any way serious about your website then free web hosting is never worth it.

You end up paying with something else. You may have to endure frustration because of frequent down times, slow server speeds, and useless customer support. Remember, if you aren’t paying them for the privilege, then they are under no obligation to give you excellent service.

2. Thou shall use only reputable software. If you’re starting a blog WordPress is the no-brainer software option. Your software is your set of tools that you use to build and maintain a website. They’re like the medicine you give your kids – you want only the best and the safest. You don’t want to buy bad medicine regardless of how cheap they are, and the same goes for your website.

3. Thou shall update software, such as WordPress, as soon as updates are available. Everything you use, including your themes and plugins, are updated on a regular basis. These updates plug in security holes, eliminate bugs, and offer more advanced features. It’s your responsibility to make sure you get them right away.

4. Thou shall use only secure passwords. That means you don’t use names and numbers that other people can guess, such as the name of your mom or your birthday. You must limit the number of people who have access to these passwords, and you must also change them regularly.

5. Thou shall make regular backups. Not having a backup is like writing a 2,000 word novel on MS word and not saving the document while you work. Doing regular backups is a must. When something goes wrong – a hacking attack for instance – then you can restore your files and get your website back on its feet.

6. Thou shall pay fully and on time. Not doing so and you will suffer the wrath from your hosting company, you can get your website suspended and it will result in down time.

7. Thou shall use a shared hosting or dedicated server package appropriately. It’s all a matter of cost-effectiveness. For very small websites, a shared hosting may suffice. But when your needs grow, then a dedicated server may be necessary.

8. Thou shall make sure that thine web hosting customer support is topnotch. You will inevitably have questions or encounter problems, so you need a reliable customer support that can actually help you the moment you need assistance.

9. Thou shall read and comply with web hosting terms of service. Again, not doing so can get your account suspended.

10. Thou shall not feature offensive content. Offensive content can really limit your traffic, and it may also be a violation of your terms of service with the web hosting provider.


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