Time Poorness: A Blogger’s Worst Enemy?

It goes without saying that running a blog can be extremely time consuming, and more bloggers than not feel that time poorness is their biggest barrier to blogging success. Researching, writing, editing and finally publishing content can take hours in and of itself, but there’s a whole lot more to being a blogger than that.

Blogging Time Poorness

Whether it’s replying to emails, answering blog comments or following up hosting issues, when all is said and done there seem to be too many tasks and not enough minutes.

The bad news is that just because you know you’re super busy and working your butt off, that doesn’t cut it for your audience. Your customers expect quality content and oftentimes they expect quantity too! If you’re sparse with your content then your audience will find some place else to become engaged – there certainly is no shortage of options on the Web!

The good news is that everyone has the same amount of time as you: not one minute more or one minute less. So why are so many bloggers so overwhelmed and others not? The difference between those bloggers who feel time poor and those who don’t is simply about productivity. It’s about how they get stuff done.

Think about it, if you try and do everything yourself versus someone who outsources certain tasks then you’ll absolutely achieve less and feel time poor. Outsourcing isn’t the only answer to getting more done though.

Consider your own personal productivity. Do you get sidetracked when you’re writing a blog post? Checking Facebook, answering a quick email or opening up the news page just to take a quick look? Or are you single-mindedly focused with a timer ticking down in the background?

When it comes to making the best use of your time there are essentially two keys to blogging success, outsourcing work and utilizing productivity tools.

Outsourcing Work

These days it’s quick, easy and cheap to have all kinds of tasks outsourced. From writing through to social media updates, you can get a lot done for a little. Take some time out to look around sites such as Fiverr and Freelancer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the skills you can hire for very reasonable rates.

Productivity Tools

There are plenty of free and super cheap productivity tools available to help you become more efficient too. With so many different options on offer, there’s really no reason any blogger should be unfocused or disorganized.

If you’re not utilizing basic tools such as Evernote and Dropbox then you only have yourself to blame for not being able to access what you need to get stuff done on the run. Every minute is precious and you need to be able to make the most of those times when you experience unforeseen delays such as waiting for your doctor who is running an hour late! These things happen daily so be ready for anything by having your work accessible no matter where you are.

Becoming distracted is a major hurdle for many bloggers. The use of time limits on tasks in conjunction with a countdown clock will do wonders for your focus and productivity. Try e.ggtimer.com or just whip out your stopwatch if you have one and get moving! You’ll be surprised at just how much more you’ll get done this way. Toggl.com is another great way to discover just how productive or indeed unproductive you are at certain tasks.

There really are loads of tools to choose from to help you achieve more in the time you have. Simply test things out and find what works best for you. The same goes for outsourcing. It might take a while to find that hidden resource but if you spend a little time searching today you’ll be much better off tomorrow and beyond, and that will make you a time-effective and less stressed blogger!


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