What To Create A Website About?

When it comes to starting a website, finding a topic or idea can be extremely tough – and even when you have come up with some ideas, how do you know if your idea for a website is actually any good?

what to create a website about

After all, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is little point in starting a website that the proverbial one man and his dog are going to be interested in!

If you’re finding yourself struggling to come up with a topic or idea for your next website then it’s time to start getting your mind ticking over.

Start a website about something you are passionate about

Many people choose to start a website about something they are interested in – and writing down a list of your passions can certainly be a good starting point.

Whether your passion is gardening or mountaineering, basing your website around a subject that is close to your heart can be a good idea in so much as it’s going to be easy for you to stay motivated to develop it over the long term.

In addition, the chances are that you’re already going to have good knowledge around the subject, so coming up with ideas for new content should be relatively straightforward. You should already be in tune with what is hot within that particular market and the subtopics that your audience will find interesting.

There is however a problem with starting a website just because you’re passionate about the subject – and that is that you don’t always know if there is a decent market for it.

If your passion is golf, then that could be a good idea, but what about if your passion is navel fluff collecting? Yep, I’m told that such a hobby actually exists, but how many other people share your interest?

Start a website about something that will make you money

If you’re looking to make money with your website then it’s doubly important to research potential niches and then pick one that has a sizable market and good profit potential.

If you’re looking for ideas, start by heading on over to the affiliate network Clickbank and have a look through the categories in their marketplace. There are many topics there, but as a general rule anything related to money, health or wellbeing is “evergreen.”

Next, and you might not have thought of this, have a look at the magazine stand in your local store and observe the subjects on offer. If there’s a magazine covering the subject then it’s potentially a profitable subject.

Also, have a look at the back of the magazine and look at the companies who are advertising within the issue. Healthy advertisement take-up usually signals profit potential.

If you’re still struggling for ideas then check out Google Trends to find out what subjects people are currently talking about. Current trends can be a potential goldmine, but remember to also think about how long-term some of those ideas might be.

Pulling your ideas together and making a decision

By now you’ve hopefully generated some potential ideas – but are any of them any good? To find out, head over to the Google Keyword Planner. This useful tool is primarily designed for people running AdWords campaigns, however it provides very useful information about monthly search volumes (the number of people searching for a particular keyword).

Type in some keywords related to subjects/niches on your shortlist and find out how many searches are being made for each one. You should be able to roughly assess how popular and potentially profitable a particular subject is.

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Now when you have come up with a great idea, all you have to do is to get a domain name and hosting and start building the site. If you need help creating a blog, then check out our beginners guide here.


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2 comments on “What To Create A Website About?”

  1. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Matt,
    you shared some solid points.

    I think the key here is to choose a topic you love and you are able to write about every single free moment of your day.
    This means passion for me.
    If you are starting a blog just for making money with it, with a subject you don’t care much, you will soon quit.

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk!

    • Matt @ HostingKingdom

      Thanks Erik, a good point and very true but one can also argue that something that makes money can be a passion


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