Which Is The Better Option For Web Hosting Services?

When it comes to web solutions, it’s different hosts for different folks. The needs of your organization or private use will determine your optimal hosting method.

Shared servers work well in most cases and are rather affordable. Dedicated servers are the most expensive and difficult to work with but are also the fastest and most secure. Cloud servers are a unique breed, having versatile capabilities along with efficient costs – at the price of potential security concerns, however.

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Shared hosting is the most commonly used method of web hosting. This is not only because it’s the most affordable method, but also because it fulfills most people’s basic web hosting needs.

All the complexities of getting set up are removed. The hosting company takes care of everything for you. Given that most people have no experience in this area and even fewer know web-coding languages like HTML and CSS, it’s not hard to see why many find this option preferable. But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re a large corporation, for example, shared hosting is probably not your best option. Your site will be on the same server as many other sites, which could lead to slowdowns (which could, in turn, hurt your relationships with customers or even reduce sales). You won’t be able to control the server or its performance.

The average person’s answer to the question, “which is the better option? Shared, dedicated, or cloud hosting?” Is often shared hosting.

Those who want to own their servers, however, will choose dedicated hosting.

Which is the Better Option? Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud Hosting? Dedicated Hosting Explained

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With dedicated hosting, your web-hosting servers and all of their contents now belong to you. The resources they contain are not being shared with anyone else – this is a private virtual party and no one else has an invitation unless you decide to give them one.

The two major upsides to this kind of hosting are:

  • Increased performance due to a lighter load on CPU and memory, and
  • Having full control of your server.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility.

As a dedicated host, there’s no consumer support service to call. That means you need a trusted techie friend who knows all about web servers. Otherwise, you may have to consider hiring an outside IT professional, which will obviously add to your costs.

Dedicated hosting also tends to be the most expensive option. While it can be under $100 per month, it can also approach $1,000 a month.

Which is the Better Option? Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting Explained

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This is where things get interesting. Cloud hosting exists in a different dimension – it’s in a league of its own.

Unlike other hosting options, cloud-based servers aren’t actually servers in the traditional sense. There is no hardware. The cloud is 100% virtual.

Cloud hosting is a new and innovative hosting solution. It provides for a lot of flexibility and can be used to scale, meaning it could save money in the long run. If your hosting needs change frequently, you could benefit from paying according to the amount of bandwidth you’re using at any given time.

If security is a top priority, however, you may want to avoid this option. While cloud hosting has been much debated, it tends to have more vulnerabilities than traditional methods.

Answer to the Question: Which is the Better Option? Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud Hosting?

Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud Hosting

As you may have noticed, there is no clear-cut answer to the question, “Which is the Better option? Shared, Dedicated, or Cloud hosting?”

It depends on your needs and preferences. To find your own answer to this question, it’s best to first ask a few other questions, such as:

  • What are your hosting needs?
  • How much control of your servers do you want?
  • What level of responsibility are you willing to handle, and do you have the technical expertise to maintain your own server?
  • How sensitive is the data you’re going to be hosting? Is cybersecurity of the utmost importance, or is it just an afterthought?

Shared hosting solves the common person’s problems of dealing with the headaches associated with maintaining a server and setting it up independently. It’s also affordable, making it a good choice in many situations.

If you have highly sensitive information you need to have absolute control over at all times, dedicated hosting is really the only option. Under most other circumstances, however, one of the other two options will be more convenient. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive.

An increasing number of companies have begun turning to cloud hosting for its convenience and low cost. Of course, the world has seen bigger data breaches than ever before in recent years. Some of those breaches have resulted from attacks on cloud hosted services.

All things considered, it’s up to you to decide which is the better option? Shared, dedicated or cloud hosting? Your best bet is to weigh all the relevant factors and make a decision about web accordingly.


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