Who Do The Top Music Artists Host With?

Have you ever wondered who the top music artist and bands website use as their web host? We decided to check what web hosting company they use to host their official website.

First we need to establish who the top artists and bands are. To do that we check Google. According to Google these were the top ten most searched for and popular music artists and bands in 2012.

Top Music Artists & Bands Favourite Web Hosts

1. Justin Bieber. His official website is http://www.justinbiebermusic.com and it is hosted by Hewlett-Packard Company

2. One Direction. Their official website is www.onedirectionmusic.com and it is hosted by Group NBT plc

3. Drake. His official website is www.drakeofficial.com and it is hosted by 1&1

4. Nicki Minaj. Her official website is mypinkfriday.com and it is hosted by enVIE Interactive

5. Whitney Houston. Her official website was and still is www.whitneyhouston.com and it is hosted by RackSpace

6. Taylor Swift. Her official website is taylorswift.com and it is hosted by enVIE Interactive

7. Rihanna. Her official website is www.rihannanow.com and it is hosted by RackSpace

8. Lil Wayne. His official website is www.youngmoney.com and it is hosted by Sparkart

9. Chris Brown. His official website is www.chrisbrownworld.com and it is hosted by RackSpace

10. Beyoncé. Her official website is www.beyonce.com and it is hosted by Voxel

And The Winner Is…

Rackspace hosts three websites closely followed by enVIE Interactive on two.

It seems like Rihanna and Chris Brown haven’t cut their ties entirely as they share Rackspace as their web host.

The surprise entry here must be 1&1, which Drake uses. 1&1 is a budget web hosting provider. Nothing wrong about that but being such a popular and high traffic site, using a shared budget hosting company isn’t the most obvious choice.


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