Why the Internet Would Be a Lonely Place Without HostGator

When you start asking around about web hosting, HostGator is inevitably one of the first names that pops up. There is a very good reason for this.They host over 400,000 websites, which is huge when you imagine the Internet with 400,000 fewer websites! They are known for their prompt, courteous customer service, a pleasant change from certain other web hosts. Want more details? Then don’t miss our in-detail HostGator review.

How Popular Are They?

HostGator is popular amongst marketers, business owners, and bloggers. This is because it is easy to get started with them. Instead of requiring you to pay for a year or more upfront, you can get billed on a month-to-month basis. While this may make their prices slightly higher, it is worth it to someone who is just starting out and doesn’t know if they will need hosting for a full year. In fact, HostGator is the most popular host for beginning marketers!

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There are several hosting packages that HostGator offers. The first is the Hatchling Plan. This starts at about $8 per month. It includes hosting for one domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. The Baby Plan is the next step up, and it starts at $10 per month. You get unlimited disk space and bandwidth like the Hatchling Plan, but you can also host unlimited domains. The Business Plan has everything the Baby Plan has, but it also includes a private SSL and IP plus a free toll free number. It starts at $15 per month.


HostGator likes to give their customers everything they need to have a successful start to their web business. They make it easy to transfer domains, transfer files, and build a website. They support many popular website and blogging setups like Joomla and WordPress. For WordPress, for example, you just have to click through a couple screens to install it on your domain.

Another huge feature of HostGator is their reseller hosting. If you want to sell hosting, perhaps to local businesses who don’t yet have websites, you can pay $25 per month to resell all the hosting packages you want. If you have a market for web hosting, this is a great way to make money.


Pricing at HostGator depends on how long of a period you pay for upfront. It starts on a month-to-month basis, which is the most expensive option. Prices go down until you hit three years, the maximum amount of time you can pay for at once.


You don’t just get a lower price by paying for more upfront. You can also get a better price by taking advantage of one of HostGator’s many specials! When it’s holiday time or something exciting is happening in the Internet world, HostGator celebrates by giving discounts to new and existing customers. They even have lots of discount codes available that you can use to get money off your first purchase.

Clearly, the Internet would be an emptier place without HostGator. With over 400,000 websites and thousands of satisfied customers, HostGator has helped many people realize their dreams of owning and running a website. Will you be their next satisfied customer?

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