DigitalOceans cloud hosting services for developers. Their infrastructure is scalable and can be used to develop applications and websites with ease and rapidity.

Founded in 2011 by Moisey and Ben Uretsky, the company is headquartered in New York City.

DigitalOcean has received critical acclaim in its seven years of business.

Netcraft named it among the fastest-growing cloud hosting services in 2013. This placed it above Amazon Web Services!

The following year, Netcraft noted DigitalOcean to be the 3rd biggest hosting company on the market. Funding from IA Ventures, CrunchFund, and Techstars has supported DigitalOcean since its inception.

The services that DigitalOcean provides can be scaled for the needs of different developers, whether they be individual or enterprise.

The company offers various levels of cloud-based hosting. The hosting products offered to vary according to your volume and storage needs. Billing plans occur on an hourly or monthly basis. Your chosen level will correspond to the amount of disk space, core processors, memory, and transfer limit that your plan includes.

DigitalOcean Reviews and Customer Support

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Like most companies today, DigitalOcean support issues get resolved through a ticket system. You can mark your issue “critical” to get immediate attention. No phone or live chat support is currently available.

The goal of DigitalOcean is to enable their users to be self-sufficient when it comes to operating their own servers. Rather than helping customers along every step of the way, their goal is to equip them with all of the tools and skills needed to solve problems on their own. Therefore, they focus more on community support and documentation than they do on traditional, one-on-one customer service.

On their website, you will find extensive documentation, such as a “getting started” guide, a frequently-asked-questions section, and a knowledge base.

Through the documentation above, DigitalOcean Community offers means by which the community can support itself. The creators of DigitalOcean intend for this platform to be used by their customers to help each other.

The DigitalOcean Community allows users to interact with each other and offer their views and experiences for support. Users have the ability to create unique profiles and upvote topics, comment on tutorials, ask questions and provide answers to questions, and share API projects.

DigitalOcean staff moderate the community and answer questions in its question and answer section.

DigitalOcean Review of Features

As a cloud-based web hosting service, DigitalOcean allows developers to create a variety of products, including:

Web Apps

Using DigitalOcean, you can build your mobile or web app using various storage and computing options. You also have your choice of tools for orchestration and configuration.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Using DigitalOcean, you can deploy your machine learning or AI app to analyze and process vast amounts of data using DigitalOcean’s API and solid-state-drive-based virtual machines.

They offer services to help you with data storage, distributed processing, measuring metrics, and data visualization.


Of course, a hosting company can host websites. DigitalOcean allows you to create and manage blogs, websites, and static web pages with their simple API or easy-to-use control panel. All pages have 99.9% uptime, according to the company.

You can use DigitalOcean to manage backups and DNS via the control panel. This is beneficial for developers who need total control as they build their microsites, marketing pages, and other static web pages.

DigitalOcean makes managing websites for clients a breeze. Agencies, consultants, and development shops can distribute several sites per droplet, manage droplets through the API or control panel, and deal with account access and billing by using team accounts.

Developer Tools

On DigitalOcean servers, you can automate the testing of your code. Using tools like Travis CI, Jenkins CI, and Drone, you can deploy droplets in seconds and run CI for your environments. Not sure which tools to use? Get comfortable with them by setting up custom-made testing environments using their simple API.

Using comprehensive monitoring tools, you can gain valuable insight into the performance of your app.

Open source visualization such as Nagios, Grafana, and Zabbix accomplish this with ease. Using their API, you can also add additional monitoring nodes. Staying true to the scalable cloud model, you can always increase resources as you continue to grow.

You can even self-host private code repositories and establish control structures for git using tools such as GitLab. By using a one-click Git Lab app, you can get started in under sixty seconds.

DigitalOcean Reviews and Pricing

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The most popular DigitalOcean plans cost $5, $10, and $20 per month. Disk space ranges from 20GB to 40GB while bandwidth ranges from 2TB to 3TB.

For such an affordable price, it’s easy to see why they have quickly become a major player in the cloud hosting space.

DigitalOcean has happily shared that over 150,000 businesses currently use their platform. Some of their most notable customers include the popular helper-hiring app TaskRabbit and the web-based Git repository manager Git Lab.

Evan Thaler, Director of Technology at TaskRabbit says that his company uses a “physical colocation facility” for most of its business. But, he adds, “They value the cloud for its versatility at times that call for spontaneous development.” He also finds DigitalOcean to be “Helpful for monitoring production off-site.”

DigitalOcean is plentiful. Many of them are positive, some are not.

One thing is for certain – an overwhelming majority of verified industry experts recommend DigitalOcean.

When you consider that DigitalOcean is set up for highly self-sufficient users, it stands to reason that those unfamiliar with the process of establishing and maintaining a web server will have difficulty.

And when they encounter problems, they will undoubtedly seek out customer support. When they find that support to be different than what they expect, they become frustrated and cry out, “this company is terrible!”

This theory is validated by the fact that while most industry experts give the service a review in excess of 8 or 9 stars overall, while most of the negative user reviews cite either customer service or a random issue unrelated to anything under the direct control of DigitalOcean itself.

With these important facts in mind, let’s look at some DigitalOcean reviews.

Negative DigitalOcean Reviews

Alexandre Morin from Canada describes DigitalOcean as being the “worst service ever.” This person didn’t offer much detail other than the fact that they were unable to cancel their registration.

Josh S. from America says the company took their money “and ran with it.” According to Josh, he paid $10 to create an account that wound up being “under review” for two whole weeks.

After creating a support ticket, he was told nothing could be done. After refusing to provide a refund, Josh is attempting to reverse the charge on his PayPal account.

Forty Zaoldyeck of Germany writes in his DigitalOcean review that their customer support is “nonexistent.”

Some other complaints from users involve servers being down and inadequate customer support. One user says that their server went down and Ubuntu crashed, at which time support would only reply with single-syllable responses.

A few complaints seem to be idiosyncratic in that there don’t appear to be any similar complaints.

For example, a user complaining about their invoice redirecting them to an irrelevant webpage may have been experiencing an unrelated problem. In any case, the user expressed their frustration at the company and claims to be looking for an alternative.

Positive DigitalOcean Reviews

Sean McKeown from America calls DigitalOcean “one of the best hosting companies” that he has ever used. He notes that their services come at a fair price on top of being reliable and easy to use.

During his time as a DigitalOcean customer, Sean has only experienced one outage – an outage that he was notified of four days in advance due to routine maintenance.

M.K. from Germany claims everything worked with ease and that the interface is user-friendly. This user also notes that the company provides an abundance of resources about all things related to Linux servers.

This DigitalOcean review is especially interesting considering that the user ran out of credit at one point. Rather than immediately halting service, as most providers would do, he received an email notification and saw his balance drop below zero.

Patrick Bell from France says he hasn’t had any problems with DigitalOcean other than WordPress plug-ins (which are not the provider’s responsibility). He can’t speak to their customer support because he hasn’t even had to use it.

According to Patrick, the price is well worth it. Even non-gurus can handle having a server like this, he says (others might disagree, however).

Expert DigitalOcean Reviews

DigitalOcean website

As with anything technology-related, the sources that are most likely credible and trustworthy (absent any conflicts of interest) are industry experts.

An expert named Idan Cogen gave the service a 9.6 rating overall. In this DigitalOcean review, the reviewer highlights the great price deals offered by the company.

This hosting company can meet the needs of small and medium-sized websites without a problem, he says. He recommends the service to anyone new to cloud hosting (we assume he means those who are new to cloud-based hosting specifically, not those who are new to web hosting in general).

Bala Krishan of states that DigitalOcean is great for developers and even better for VPS hosting. She says she has begun learning Linux servers with their service as she uses it to host her websites. She also notes the affordable price.

Her rating: 5 out of 5.

Kostas Sinakidis of says the service is “so great you cannot imagine.”

The service allowed his development team to install a customer portal using a droplet. The tutorials and support proved to be helpful.

However, he gave only three stars for the metric of “uptime.” He warns owners of larger websites about this issue. Curious, considering sites like TaskRabbit is presumably very large and have given positive reviews.

His rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Shelby Brinegar (no website or company specified) says that creating and managing multiple VPS is “easy” using the DigitalOcean interface.

As far as performance is concerned, the use of SSDs makes everything “insanely fast.”

This might be the best review of all, given that Shelby includes the following crucial statement at the end:

As long as you “know how to manage your own Linux server”, DigitalOcean is the best hosting provider available at the most affordable price.

Her rating: five out of five.

Overall, you will be hard-pressed to find a single expert review under four stars (for five-star rating scales) or eight stars (for ten-star rating scales).

In addition to these expert DigitalOcean reviews, several successful customer stories can be found on the DigitalOcean website. Founders of some notable online companies and apps use the service and have left reviews – all of them positive.

DigitalOcean Reviews Summary


In summary, the good appears to outweigh the bad when it comes to DigitalOcean

The fact that so many reputable companies use the service speaks volumes.

As one of the world’s largest cloud-based web hosting services, DigitalOcean reviews are so ubiquitous that there’s bound to be some negativity out there. As previously noted, the vast majority of that negativity stems from user inexperience more than anything else.

We are fans of and definitely recommend DigitalOcean. Some experts, like Shelby Brinegar, even say they have trouble coming up with any criticisms for their DigitalOcean reviews.

If you’re looking for a quality cloud-based web hosting provider, consider DigitalOcean. Just be sure you can handle the demands of running your own Linux-based cloud server.

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