Endurance International Group (EIG) – The World’s Largest Web Hosting Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

It’s not really all that surprising that Endurance International Group (EIG) has stayed under the radar of most people. EIG isn’t exactly a publicity hound. Even its Wikipedia page is short and sweet, although the entry devoted as much space to problems as to the acquisitions it has made over the years.

Humble Beginnings

EIG started out in 1996 as just another web hosting company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. Today, it has almost 3 million customers and it manages at least 10 million domains. It adds more customers on a regular basis, especially since it just recently bought Arvixe, which is another popular web hosting company.

This has been the secret of EIG’s growth. They simply buy other smaller companies in order to get bigger. It’s probably much more accurate to say that it’s a group of small brands, all working together to provide web solutions to a large number of people.

When EIG purchases a company, the purchased company is allowed to operate as usual with their own brand name. The only difference is that the central EIG organization handles the customer service and support. It may also expand the number of employees to better improve the quality of service.

For example, when popular web hosting website Bluehost was bought in December 2010, along with FastDomain and HostMonster, it only had 280 employees. EIG then increased the workforce to 450 workers.

EIG Brands

Notable Acquisitions

Endurance International Group has quietly grown all these years, and the last four years exemplify how it has always operated.

  • November 2010. EIG acquired Bluehost, HostMonster, and FastDomain. This was done without much fanfare, not even a press release. It took a month for a news report to confirm that the sale of the companies to EIG actually took place.
  • July 2012. EIG bought HostGator including SEO Hosting. This acquisition made EIG even bigger than GoDaddy. Yet there was no major press release, and a leaked internal email (see below) from the Hostgator CEO was the only confirmation in the days before the formal purchase.
  • In the same month, EIG also purchased A Small Orange, which also included HostNine.
  • August 2012. EIG bought the Intuit Websites division.
  • January 2014. EIG acquired Directi.
  • November 2014. In the most recent move so far, EIG finally completes the purchase of Arvixe. EIG also confirmed that they acquired BuyDomains.
  • August 2015. EIG acquires assets of web hosts Site5 and Verio.

EIG Brands

With 40 brands under its umbrella organization, it may be confusing to choose which one will take care of your needs most effectively. But EIG offers a convenient way of letting you choose one according to your priorities.

EIG isn’t a small company. A controlling stake was acquired by Warburg Pincus and GS Capital Partners for $975 million, and that’s still not the full worth of the company.

It’s a billion-dollar company that’s not as famous as it ought to be, and that’s exactly how EIG likes it.

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