Guide to Application (App) Hosting

One of the most versatile and flexible ways to get a web application up and running is to use a one-click web application installer. Softaculous is a powerful one-click installer that comes with over 250 free app software to choose from. Softaculous does all the heavy lifting in terms of getting the application up and running, doing all of the technology behind the scenes tasks, such as configuring files, creating the databases, and getting the application ready for you to use.

Softaculous offers many different web apps you can install on your site, including blog platforms (e.g. WordPress) and content management systems (e.g. Joomla), frontend frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap), eCommerce and shopping carts (e.g. Magento), wikis (e.g. MediaWiki), forums (e.g. phpBB) and more. Here below is a list of some of the most popular apps you can create with Softaculous, for the full list go here.

Most All web hosts nowadays such as GreenGeeks comes with Softaculous installed. So get online and sign up with a web host today to get your app up and running.

WordPress logo

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the better-known app hosting solutions. In fact, almost 20% of all websites and blogs on the Internet are powered by WordPress. It enables you to create your own website and to give it a look that is clean, clearing, and professional in appearance. WordPress is easy to navigate for beginners.

The number of free plugins and themes that can be used is insuperable, and it is supported by a worldwide community of users. Whether you are looking to create your own blog or a brand new website, WordPress is one of the best platforms from which to launch your project.

Magento logo

Magento Hosting

Magento can be a real asset to those in any business related to online retail. The app can be easily customized to fit with the way you run your business, and it offers the kind of stability that you need for day-to-day operations. Over 200,000 online retailers currently use Magento. That is a firm testament to the app’s ease of use and scalability.

If you are a new entrepreneur, then you should begin your journey with a tried and trusted platform. If you are more experienced, then you should seriously consider the benefits of using Magento hosting.

Joomla logo

Joomla Hosting

Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS). It allows you to use just about any number of free plugins and themes. Joomla powers nearly 2.7 percent of websites on the Internet, so it is quite popular.

If you want your site to be accessible from smartphones, Joomla is a good way to go because it is mobile-ready. This app is accessible, dynamic, and easy to use.

Drupal logo

Drupal Hosting

Finding the right solution for your web needs means working with an app that meets the operations you wish to undertake. Drupal hosting is a community-supported CMS that has over one million users and developers.

Business professionals who run both local and global corporations use Drupal hosting for a variety of purposes. The app has a dedicated team of security experts, and it contains a great many themes, modules, and extensions.

PrestaShop logo

PrestaShop Hosting

Building an online shop takes time, energy, and dedication. It also takes the right online tools. PrestaShop hosting gives you the means to provide your customers with efficient and reliable service.

It has advanced caching options and unique account isolation for security. Service support for PrestaShop includes continuous real-time monitoring.

Laravel logo

Laravel Hosting

Laravel is an open-source PHP web app. It is free and is designed for the development of model-view-controller web applications. It is one of the most popular web apps among web artisans.

If you are involved in a solo or group project that is concerned with web design and development, then Laravel may be a suitable cloud app for you to use.

OpenCart logo

OpenCart Hosting

The world of e-commerce is becoming ever more competitive. Consumers are not only looking for the best deals as far as products, they are also becoming more demanding in the service they expect. OpenCart hosting is an open-source PHP cart that is fitted for a range of customizations.

Using this app will also give you access to an extensive online community that is willing to help you solve problems. OpenCart hosting contains a structure that promotes the use and development of a variety of plugins, extensions, and templates.

Typo3 logo

Typo3 Hosting

Typo3 hosting is a cloud server that can be used to power just about any kind of web operation. Whether our interest involves global commerce or more local activity, Typo3 hosting has much value to offer.

The help desk support center is solid, with a less than fifteen-minute wait time for ticket response. You will also be protected against failures with a free daily backup.

MediaWiki logo

MediaWiki Hosting

If you looking to create a website that will serve as a source of information, knowledge, and informed analysis, then MediaWiki may be a good app for you to use. It uses the same software that powers the all-dominant and ever-popular Wikipedia.

MediaWiki allows you to continually revise and expand the content you put on it. The software is easy to install and upgrade and is already the choice of thousands who run individual Wiki sites.

phpBB Hosting

This is one of the best open-source bulletin board software solutions. If your aim is to build an online community or coordinate for a specific project, phpBB hosting can provide you with an excellent start. This app is the most widely used of its kind.

It has a very detailed administrative panel that brings great ease to your ability to customize and control the board. You will also find it simple to scale up as more and more members join your community.

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