How To Create A Static Homepage On Tumblr

Here is how you can create a static custom homepage on your Tumblr blog, by removing blog posts from and adding static content on the homepage.

How to remove blog posts from your Tumblr homepage?

Click on “customize” your theme button in the top right corner and go to “Edit HTML”. (Tip: before you start editing the code,  copy the existing code into a notepad .txt file)

customize tumblr
edit tumblr

Hit ctrl+F and search for the code snippet {block:Posts}.

Type in {block:PermalinkPage} just before {block:Posts}.

block tumblr post

Then hit ctrl+F again and search for {/block:Posts} and type in {/block:PermalinkPage} after it.

block tumblr posts on homepage

You should get something like this:

… …

Now there won’t be any blog posts showing up on your Tumblr homepage.

How to add static content on your Tumblr homepage?

With the blog posts gone (can still be reached via the Archive), here is how you add static content on your Tumblr homepage.

Hit ctrl+F and search for {block:IndexPage} and copy in the HTML code you want on the homepage.

static content on tumblr homepage

Hit the “Update preview” button and check that it look alright. You should get something like this:


Custom HTML code


That’s it! And the end result will look something like this (

hostingkingdom on tumblr

Update: Alternatively, if you don’t want to play around with your Tumblr theme settings you can get a stunning-looking designed and out-of-the-box custom made Tumblr theme from ThemeForest for around $20. It’s worth checking out!

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