Here is a great tool you can use to create basic explainer “videos” to highlight text, code, or whatever. Learn how you can create a simple explainer-style animated GIF – for free and without using complicated software.

Like this one below (took me less than 5 seconds to create).

how to create an animated gif

LICEcap is a free .gif-making software that captures an area of your desktop and saves it directly to. GIF file. Download this free software here,

Install LICEcap and open it up. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply position the hollow frame on top of whatever you’d like to screen capture, size the window accordingly, and hit Record.

licecap tutorial

LICEcap saves your work as a .gif file, which you can embed online just like you would any other image. Its only downside is that you cannot edit the animated gif, so if you aren’t happy with the result you will have to start over from the beginning.

That’s it!

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