How To Get Free Google AdWords Credit

Want to get started with Google AdWords? The thing is, when you first start using AdWords you don’t really know what your doing. The best way to learn PPC (pay per click) is with someone else’s money as PPC can get fairly costly and fast when you are new and learning the ropes.

How you can get free Google AdWords credit

1. Many web hosting companies offer free Google AdWords credit when you sign up for hosting with them. If you sign up with HostGator (from $2.48 / month) they give you a free voucher for $100 in Google AdWords credit. Bluehost and InMotion Hosting offer the same deal.

2. The Google AdWords marketing team send out coupon codes via email to the existing (but “dormant”) customers. Setup a new Google AdWords account and put together your campaign but setup everything except for the billing section. Soon enough Google will reach out to you with a “please come back” free $75-$100 AdWords coupon.

3. Call or email Google directly and ask for a voucher. This one is pretty straight-forward, simply reach out to Google (contact details can be found from inside your AdWords account) and ask nicely if you can have a free coupon code.

The free AdWords credit that Google is offering is a clever marketing technique to get new users to start using AdWords. From Google’s perspective handing out free AdWords credit is kind of a training cost which they are more than happy to absorb to let users work out how the system works.

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