How To Host Multiple Websites On iPage & Fatcow? & are both excellent budget web hosts (owned by the same parent company so their control panels are identical). Both are super cheap and can be the perfect choice for hosting your small website or blog.

Most web hosting companies offer unlimited addon domains/websites. Including &, however finding out how to host multiple websites on these two aren’t that straightforward, so here I tell you how to do it, step-by-step.

Change name servers

Edit the nameservers on the domain name (or names) you want to host on iPage or Fat Cow. Nameservers (or DNS) can be changed in the control panel where you registered the domain name e.g. (video tutorial here) or (video tutorial here)

Ipage nameservers are:

FatCow nameservers are:

Login to your iPage or FatCow controlpanel

Once you are logged in you want to head to the DomainCentral. (1) Check the “Add Existing” tab.

host website on fatcow or ipage

(2) Type in the domain name and (3) hit “Add”. If you haven’t done it already, you should update the nameservers (see first step).

Refresh the page (or click on DomainCentral again) to reflect the added domain name. Now the added domain name should appear in your domain central, as per the below:

ipage and fatcow addon domain

Next you want to click on the “more info” link. This will open up a tab with a few options

ipage and fatcow multiple website hosting

(1) Click the “Pointers” link. In the dropdown menu you want to (2) select the “Subdirectory” option. (3) Give the subdirectory a name, something descriptive that you will help remember (remember to keep the / trailing slash at the beginning).

Hint: use the domain as the name. (4) Finally, hit the “save” button.

Access your Controlpanel

Now head over to the “file manager” and the folder you set up in the previous step should be there.

add multiple websites on ipage and fatcow

That is it, you are done! Now you have added an extra additional website on iPage or FatCow. You can even install a blog using their 1-click WordPress installation from Mojo to the addon domain you just created.

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