Did you know that there is a free suite of tools that you can add to your WordPress website to turn it into a traffic-generating marketing machine? By installing one or more of the tools from this collection, you can make your website not only better at collecting email addresses, but also more effective at generating leads and social shares.

Not only that, but the other tools in this package also give you the ability to gain a better insight into how your visitors are interacting with your website and its content. Through these tools you can find out where your visitors are clicking on your website, and also how far they are scrolling down your pages.

If the idea of optimizing and upgrading your WordPress website in order to get more visitors and improve its conversion rates, then the SumoMe suite of tools could be just what you are looking for.


If you’d like to know more about this plugin, and which of its add-ons you should definitely use on your website, then read on for our guide to SumoMe for WordPress.

SumoMe: The Highlights

While SumoMe and its tools can be used on any website, WordPress users are particularly lucky as they can simply install the free core plugin, then activate the individual apps or modules they want to use.

The apps or tools that make up the SumoMe package are being constantly updated and added to. However, at the time of writing there are nine free options to choose from, including:

  • List Builder: popup email opt-in form
  • Scroll Box: slide-in email form
  • Smart Bar: header bar message banner with optional email opt-in form
  • Share: social media sharing buttons
  • Image Sharer: image-specific social sharing buttons
  • Highlighter: create sharable text quotes
  • Content Analytics: view how far readers are scrolling down pages
  • Heat Maps: see where visitors are clicking in real-time
  • Contact Form: collect messages from readers with built-in spam protection

The highlights of SumoMe are the email newsletter growth tools. This includes the List Builder and Scroll Box apps. These tools can be found elsewhere, but often in expensive premium plugins such as OptinMonster. This makes SumoMe and its ability to add popup lightbox, or slide-in email opt-in forms to your website for free very attractive.

SumoMe List Builder

The email popup form triggers are very advanced, which is great. This means, depending on your chosen settings, the forms won’t be displayed until the perfect moment. This results in helping you elicit the highest number of signups from your readers, without annoying them in the process.

If you want to grow your email list and turn your one-time visitors into subscribers that you can contact at any time, the List Builder module is an effective and free way to add popup opt-in forms to a WordPress website.

While growing your email subscriber list is important, ensuring your website is working as an effective goal converting machine is perhaps even more important. This makes the Content Analytics and Heat Maps apps also very attractive.

SumoMe Add Content Analytics

The Content Analytics app will show you exactly how far your visitors are scrolling down each of the pages on your website. While you might like to think that your visitors read every word of your articles, there is a good chance a sizable number of them are abandoning your pages before they get to the end – no matter how well written they are.

Knowing where most of your visitors read to on your pages is very important. Armed with this information, you can then position your calls to actions in the locations that will receive the most views, while still giving your visitors the opportunity to read your content before being presented with a proposition – whether that is a link to buy your product, subscribe to your services, or some other action.

SumoMe Add Heat Maps

The Heat Maps app gives you some similar information to use to optimize your website. By being able to easily see which links your visitors are clicking on, and which they aren’t, you can increase the amount of visitors that end up at your most important pages by making the necessary changes.

Also, when using Heat Mapping tools, it’s always interesting to discover which page elements your visitors are clicking on that aren’t links. By adding links to those areas that are being clicked, you can easily divert more of your visitors to the pages they are looking for.

Getting Started with SumoMe

The free plugin can be installed directly from your website. Then, once it’s been activated, you will need to register your site in order to claim your free account – thankfully this only takes a few clicks and minutes of your time.

Now, from the front-end of your website, you can click on the floating icon to view the apps or modules available to you. In the Sumo Store, the apps are divided by type, including both the free and premium options.

SumoMe Store

You can then choose which apps to enable on your website. After which, you can access the customization options to configure the app for your website.

Premium Options

While SumoMe includes an impressive set of free tools that can increase the amount of traffic your website receives, as well as growing your email list, there are also a few premium upgrades available.

While these are optional extras, the SumoMe Starter upgrade is worth considering. This is because it gives you the option of hiding the floating icon from your visitors. This $10 monthly fee also gives you access to premium email support, should you ever need help with your website.

Once the plugin has proven itself and has helped you either grow your list or generate more business, you can then consider upgrading to the premium options.


The SumoMe apps are reportedly being used on over 2 million websites, including some household names, such as Airbnb and Social Media Examiner.

This not only means that it’s very unlikely this product will disappear, but also that the developers are able to collect huge amounts of data on how the apps are being used. This tells them which form designs and button configurations result in the highest conversion rates. This information then allows the developers to continue to tweak their apps to help you get better results from them.

If you are looking for a way to add high-converting email opt-in forms to your website for free, then the SumoMe suite of apps is a powerful option that continues to become more useful as time goes by.

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