MDDHosting Review And Comparison

MDDHosting is a smaller web hosting company based in Mooresville, Indiana, with a hosting center in Denver, Colorado.

For anyone curious about how web pages are handled on the internet, web hosting companies like MDDHosting offer the technology and technical know-how necessary to connect your information and business to the internet. Users purchase service, disk space and technology from the web hosting company to keep their web site on a server and deliver it through the internet.

With so many web hosting companies out there, it can be difficult to find the right company for your needs. Even the range of prices and features can vary, making it difficult to know if you are working with the right company for you.

As a smaller hosting company that prides itself on transparency and connecting with customers, they would seem a good option for bloggers and companies that need a smaller website, but does the features match up to the promise?


Let’s look at what MDDHosting has to offer.

What Makes MDDHosting Unique?

With a focus on customer service and delivering a personal touch to clients, many of the features and tools offered by MDDHosting are geared toward customers who want a little more from their web hosting provider.

Let’s look at a few of the features and options that make MDDHosting unique.

1. Customizable Hosting Plans

MDDHosting Website

Many web hosting providers offer strict options for their hosting plans. There are tiers you can choose from, with a range of prices, capabilities and features. For customers that might need something that falls in between tiers, there isn’t much choice.

MDDHosting allow you to customize your hosting package to your exact needs, including shared hosting solutions. Options start as low as ½ CPU cores, a single domain and just 10 gigs of bandwidth a month. Since you are sharing space with other companies, most shared hosting services don’t allow this level of customization. This ensures you are getting what you need, without paying for features you don’t.

Even the VPS (virtual private server) include customization options. MDDHosting includes standard VPS hosting, as well as premium cloud hosting options. Customizing your package is as easy as using a slide bar. You can quickly design the server to your exacting specifications.

2. SeRver Specifications

CloudLinux Site

Many companies keep their hardware specifications as far away from potential customers as possible. MDDHosting takes transparency to the extreme, and even includes pictures of their Denver-based servers on their website. All servers use a 48 Core or higher CPU, and a minimum of 256 GB of RAM.

MDDHosting uses Solid State Drives (SSD) for their LiteSpeed and ClouldLinux powered servicer. They offer dual redundant 10 GBPS connections to the internet. The servers have been upgraded to a highly-available, distributed and self-healing SSD storage area network using StorPool, a block storage solution specializing in cloud-based systems. According to MDDHosting, this system is delivering a 900% increase in I/O operations a second, and 1200% increase in total bandwidth. The system, they claim, provides significantly higher performance and reliability.

MDDHosting offers low cost but extremely fast and reliable web hosting on advanced servers. They’ve put time, money and thought into the technology resources they are using, and it shows.

3. Website Backups

Back up

MDDHosting offers a manual full back up from the backups section on your cPanel (a Linux-based graphical interface to manage your website). A full backup includes your FTP and email settings, your database and website. Similarly, you can restore your website using the cPanel.

4. Setting up and Designing a Website

SitePad Website

MDDHosting uses SitePad, a website building tool with more than 300 different themes to chose from. SitePad includes more than 40 popular drag and drop widgets you can use on your site including sliders, rich text, images, video, audio, social media, Google Maps and contact forms. You can also build pages in SitePad and then publish them automatically to your site. All themes in SitePad are mobile responsive.

SitePad is a great option for companies and users who already have a site and are looking to add or update pages. For users looking to build a new site from scratch, the templates and lack of widgets and apps may be a problem.

5. Email Support through MDDHosting

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MDDHosting does support email. You can create an email account using your cPanel through MDDHosting. For an additional fee, you can purchase an email filter, SpamExperts, to block malware, spam and viruses. You can review the email using SpamPanel, ensuring you have access to email that was previously quarantined by the filter.

6. Site Security


Site Security with MDDHosting is handled with SiteLock for a small fee. SiteLock provides daily malware scanning for site vulnerabilities and dangerous code. The service automatically removes threats it finds on your site. SiteLock is set up automatically, providing instant protection with no need for installation.

SiteLock also offers TrueShield, a web application firewall, as additional protection. MDDHosting also offers (for an additional cost) SiteLock Emergency Response, which delivers emergency assistance to recover a site that has been hacked.

7. Other Features

Other Features In PC's

In addition to web hosting, MDDHosting also provides premium cloud hosting for businesses.

With premium cloud hosting, companies can replace on-site servers with a cloud server through MDDHosting. Cloud servers are highly available, fault tolerant and extremely scalable, making them an excellent solution for growing businesses.

With MDDHosting, you have access to unlimited SSD disk space and data transfer. Increasing the power of your cloud server is easy. Options start at 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM and go all the way up to a 16 CPU core system with 16 GB of RAM.

Pricing for MDDHosting

MDDHosting Plan

MDDHosting plans are extremely configurable, and the company offers coupons which can be used to reduce the cost of the purchase. Prices are scalable depending on the features you want and the requirements you have. We’ll look at the base price for typical plans and additional options.

The pricing for Shared Hosting plans include:

  • Customizable: $3.00/month for ½ CPU Core and 1 GB of Ram. You also have 1 domain, 1 GB of SSD storage, 10 GB bandwidth and 5 MySQL databases. Premium: $24.25/month for 2 CPU Cores and 2 GB of Ram. You also have unlimited domains, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases. Each of these plans can scale up with more power. Again, a strength of MDDHosting is the ability to scale the web hosting service to your needs.In addition to shared hosting for a website, MDDHosting also includes premium cloud hosting. There are a variety of tiers for cloud hosting. We show four of them here.PR2: $25.00/month for 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM. Also includes unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth.PR8: $100.00/month for 8 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM. Also includes unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth.PR12: $150.00/month for 12 CPU cores and 12 GB of RAM. Also includes unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth.PR16: $200.00/month for 16 CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM. Also includes unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth.MDDHosting offers several pricing tiers for hosting reseller sites. Resellers use MDDHosting to host a web site sold by the reseller. All reseller accounts include Softaculous for downloading and managing widgets, as well as SitePad site builder and unlimited bandwidth:Reseller Basic: $24.50/month for up to 50 cPanel accounts and 50 GB of disk space.Reseller Intermediate: $49.50/month for up to 100 cPanel accounts and 100 GB of disk space.Reseller Advanced: $74.50/month for up to 150 cPanel accounts and 500 GB of disk space.MDDHosting offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS). All tiers include cPanel management, full root access and free setup.VZ 2G: $99.95/month for 100 GB of storage, 1 TB data transfer, 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of RAM.VZ 4G: $179.95/month for 200 GB of storage, 3 TB data transfer, 4 CPU cores and 4 GB of RAM.VZ 6G: $249.95/month for 300 GB of storage, 5 TB data transfer, 6 CPU cores and 6 GB of RAM.MDDHosting offers several tiers of SiteLock security, allowing customers to select the plan that is right for them.​Find: $24.99/year for scanning your site for malware. Includes up to 25 pages.​Fix: $99.99/year (or $14.99/month) for finding and removing malicious code automatically. Includes up to 500 pages.Defend: $299.99/year (or $49.99/month) for finding, fixing and preventing threats with website acceleration. Includes up to 500 pages.MDDHosting sells a variety of SSL certificates for added protection on your site. These include:RapidSSL: $35.00/year with a 256-bit encryption strengthGeoTrust QuickSSL: $125.00/year for a fully qualified domain name, offering dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing.GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV $179.00/year. Certificate provides the highest security, a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing.MDDHosting also provides email spam filtering.
  • Email Filtering: $2.99/month per domain for SpamExperts spam filtering service.

Public Perception of MDDHosting

People Walking

There are many out there who love MDDHosting and everything they stand for.

Many like the low-cost speed and reliability you get from MDDHosting. It’s based on a stable system with a high-end data center, and customers feel like it shows in the uptime and reliability. They are getting a high-end system without the high-end price.

Others like the customizable service and pricing through MDDHosting. With extremely low-priced offerings that can be scaled up easily, reviewers feel they are never paying more than they need to for web hosting. Transparency in their services and equipment is another frequently cited benefit of MDDHosting.

Despite these benefits, others feel like MDDHosting is a small company struggling with many of the problems a small company has. This includes a lack of customer support. Some customers complain that it can take days to get an answer when a problem happens. With such tight windows for each customizable tier, going over limits is easy, especially for growing businesses, which can lead to complaints about pricing. Others are bothered by the professionalism of some of the support team when problems occur.

How MDDHosting Compares to the Market

Woman holding dollar

Compared to other web hosting services, MDDHosting is a smaller company, and it shows in some ways.

MDDHosting doesn’t have the resources of larger competitors. They don’t offer dedicated servers, and don’t offer true 24/7 live support, even though they promise to respond as quickly as possible through their ticketing system. There will be customers left waiting when they need a question answered or a problem happens.

There is no training like you have with other web hosting providers, and there is less support for 3rd party apps. Many of the services and features, such as the web site migration, are lacking details.

But, MDDHosting knows how to play to their strengths in the services they offer. They are a smaller company, and many customers know and work with the owner of the company regularly. Some customers talk about picking up the phone to speak to him directly.

MDDHosting has nothing to hide. They tell people exactly what equipment and technology they offer, and even include pictures of their server facility on their website. They are proud of how transparent they are as a company, and it shows.

Few other companies offer the customizable options you have with MDDHosting. If you know exactly what you want and need, you can be sure that’s what you’ll get with MDDHosting.

What We Think of MDDHosting

Someone working on the laptop

MDDHosting is a smaller company, and there are some issues we’ve seen with using a smaller, privately-owned web hosting provider. Having a personal touch with every interaction is great for some people, but when the system runs into trouble and you need the resources and support of a much larger company, you won’t have it with MDDHosting.

But, if you aren’t worried about working with a smaller company, MDDHosting does provide a stable system and a positive experience for most customers. They may be small, but they have the resources available for larger work and companies ready to scale.

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