Murphy’s law states that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and unfortunately this is very much the case when it comes to running a website or a blog. They can crash, get hacked and files can get corrupted.

How to Restore a Website Without a Cpanel Backup?

dog ate my cpanel backup

If you have had a website or blog for a year or two then you are probably painfully aware that they can crash, get hacked into, files can get corrupted, or disappear for no obvious reason. Let’s face it s&%t can happen!

If disaster strikes it doesn’t help much to know that you should have been proactive and taken regular backups of your website or blog. Backups you could now use to restore your site when the above Murphy paid you a visit. The benefit of hindsight is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t help to know that Cpanel comes with built in backup and restore capability and some web hosting providers like Bluehost offers free automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire account.DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE PDF OF THIS POST

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However if worse comes to worst, then don’t despair, all is perhaps not lost! You might have a few options to get your website or blog back online, but it will require a bit of hard work.

Use Internet Archive Wayback Machine to restore your website

Your best option to getting your site back online is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the Internet and takes regular snapshot of websites.

Head over to Internet Archive Wayback Machine and do a search for your website. On the next page, you will see the calendar.

restore your website using wayback machine

You will see days highlighted in Blue, these are the days that your website was archived. Click on a date to open a snapshot from that day.

bluehost review on wayback machine

Now you can copy the page or right-click to view the HTML source code and copy it into a text file.

TIP To remove the Wayback Machine header, the navigation, and to get a “clean” HTML source code, add “id_” (without the quotes) after the date.
For example

If you have a large website this will of course take a bit of time to do. There are a few services out there that can restore your site from Wayback Machine for you, you can check out and Both charge $15 to restore one website.

Use Google or Bing Cache to restore your website

use google cache to restore your website

Search engines take snapshots of webpages and they store (cache) a recent copy of the webpage.

Head over to Google or Bing and do a search for your website. Click on the down arrow next to the listing in the search results. Click on the “Cached” link.

Final words

I should mention that there is no guarantee that the Internet Archive or Google and Bing cache will have a copy of your website, or if they do have a copy it is a recent one.

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