best cheapest web hosting services

Best Cheapest Web Hosting Services

Looking for cheap web hosting services? Check out the list of companies below. Each of these hosting companies enjoys great popularity and serves no fewer than 50,000 websites.

Editor’s Pick: Cheapest Web Hosting

Web Host


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*Disk Space: Unlimited
*Bandwidth: Unlimited
*Domain Registration: Free

*Refund Policy: 30 Days

*Starts At: $1.99 / month


*Disk Space: 50 GB
*Bandwidth: Unlimited
*Domain Registration: Free

*Refund Policy: 30 Days

*Starts At: $2.75 / month


*Disk Space: Unlimited
*Bandwidth: Unlimited
*Domain Registration: Free

*Refund Policy: 30 Days

*Starts At: $4.08 / month


Disk Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domain Registration: Free

*Refund Policy: 30 Days

*Starts At: $3.95 / month


Disk Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domain Registration: $12.95

*Refund Policy: 30 Days

*Starts At: $2.75 / month

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2022’S Low-Cost Hosting Companies You Should Know About

There are allegedly hundreds of millions of websites in cyberspace. This wouldn’t be possible if there were no hosting companies which help these sites go and stay live. Hosting companies, however, differ when it comes to price, what they are able to offer, countries of origin and more. Reliability, affordability, good customer service, flexibility, and amount of bandwidth and storage are all some of the things that you should pay attention to when choosing your ideal hosting service.


iPage is a cheap web host service built on a platform used by more than a million clients. Their support service works 24×7 over the phone, by email and by means of an online chat. Buying a hosting from this company, you get free a social media advertising credit and other bonuses. Core features include unlimited disk space, unlimited domain names as well as MySQL databases. A 30-day money back guarantee keeps new clients happy, and the ability to transfer your existing site to their platform is pretty neat.


We know: the name is brilliant as it is memorable. This affordable web hosting provider lives up to its zany branding by offering you free domain transfer and domain services as well as enough bandwidth and storage to keep your busy website happy. If you’re looking to add a marketing angle to your website, FatCow has your back with unlimited mailboxes. The company has been in existence since 1998.


If you’re on a budget and are looking for a relaxed and affordable hosting plan, consider JustHost. This company provides you with a free domain, free instant setup, and free 24/7 support. In addition, you get $200 worth of advertising offers as well as credit to get apps, themes, plugins from Mojo Marketplace. Lastly, you get to try out their cPanel without committing to any form of payment.


BlueHost has garnered a good reputation over the last couple of years as a blogger’s favorite due to their reliable and affordable web hosting services. Serving over two million websites worldwide, BlueHost is known for developing and maintaining its own servers as well as software, keeping them in the loop as far as what works and what doesn’t. They provide you with $200 worth of offers in the form of social media advertising as well as 24/7 support featuring in-house experts.


If you’ve always wanted superior support coupled with powerful yet cheap website hosting, HostMonster should be at the top of your list. This is a web hosting company which offers affordable plans as well as a slew of necessary features such as unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free one-year domain plan. Additional features include streaming video and audio support, 24/7 network monitoring and search engine submission.


IdeaHost is an affordable web hosting company that was founded in 2006. IdeaHost was originally called GingerGoon and later called ShallowHosts. The company started as a home project that quickly gained attention online. Features and services have grown with the company’s popularity. Ideal host is now part of justhost


eHost takes a minimal approach to web hosting that webmasters might appreciate. If you often feel overwhelmed by new technologies, then you will likely enjoy the company’s simplicity. It has affordable web hosting rates and decent features. eHost is now out of business


HostGator is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas, and has been providing services since 2002. With more than a decade in business, this cheap web hosting company has been able to receive accreditations and awards.


Choosing the best web host does not necessarily mean that you should go with the most expensive service. In fact, you will find cheap web hosts that are highly recommended by other webmasters and site owners. The key here is to know exactly what you are dealing with before allowing a service to take responsibility for your web hosting needs.

When looking to choose an affordable web host which suits your needs, the following should feature heavily in your list:

• Shared web hosting plan which saves you money
• Statistics on their downtime (if any)
• Dedicated 24/7 customer support service
• Money-back guarantee
• The ability to park other domain names in the future
• Support of popular scripts, such as WordPress and Drupal
• 1-click installation functionality
• MySQL database support

At the end of the day, carrying out adequate research and comparing different web hosting plans and companies will help you save big bucks on affordable website hosting without compromising on quality or reliability.


Web hosting affordability depends on your type of business and the expected business needs. Most businesses are migrating online and this has led to the increase in number of web host providers. Essentially, a good webhost should host your domain at a monthly or annual rate. This fee should also cover storage and reliable bandwidth speeds. Even with dedicated server web hosting services for your business, you will still find a cheap host.

So, what should be in an low-cost web hosting plan?

1. Storage space

You need a server that will hold all your company’s data however big. You should note that shared hosting service is the most available web hosting service but because of the share-ability, you will find that the initial stated unlimited storage space will be limited.
If your business has a lot of data, it will be disadvantaged and you will have to incur unplanned higher costs to get an upgrade or external storage facility. You should therefore look for a plan with server storage and online/ cloud storage. You may also consider web host with scalable storage and bandwidth.

2. Security

A web host will have the key to your company’s most confidential information. The safety of that data is integral and this means that you shouldn’t blindly pick a web hosting company. A suitable web host should have frequent and reliable network scans for malwares and also adept and thorough business verification systems. Physical security of the hosts’ data server is also very important.

3. Website builders

For your business to run well online, you should have a website. This will easily dispatch information to clients and also could be your first selling point. Affordable hosting plans keep this feature in mind and always incorporate configurations for easy website development.
Even if you plan on running a blog, a webhost should give you the chance to build your own website through use of tools like WordPress.

4. Marketing tools

Digital marketing is fruitful for many businesses. This is mainly because they utilize the best marketing tool boosting their sales. Some of the marketing tools in the cheapest web hosting plans include online listings, Google’s Adwords or Bing’ Ads service. These tools as well as marketing guidelines and emailing services will contribute to your online success.
Integration to payment services like PayPal, a free online store with shopping carts and easy click installations will also contribute to your online success.

5. Customer support

Customer satisfaction should be your main objective when setting up an online shop or even a simple business website. Therefore, you should have technical support from your webhost 24/7. Quick response to your calls should be guaranteed and you should also get an online ticketing system if you so wish.

6. User friendly

There is nothing that irks users more than complicated online systems. You should only have web hosting from a company that offers a platform that is easy for you to use. You should be able to easily customize the website to suit your customer’s needs.
In conclusion, you can only say that you have the best but cheap web web host if these features come in tip-top condition. You should also get tools for traffic monitoring, 24/7 and unlimited databases like MySQL. These will guarantee your business to prosper.