So what are GTLDs?

A gTLD (generic top-level domain name) is a recently introduced new internet address, similar to top-level domain names (TLDs) like .com and .net. The difference between TLD and gTLD is that GTLDs can be “dot anything”.

top 10 new top level domain names

Generic top-level domain names were rolled out at the beginning of 2014. Examples include .guru, .directory, .plumber, .cheap and the list goes on and on. There are close to 2000 of them (source:

Proponents of “dot anything” said that GTLDs would be the best thing since sliced bread.
Akram Atallah, ICANN’s president of Generic Domains Division, said that GTLDs is “the biggest change to the Internet since its inception.” And, that these will be “bringing people, communities, and businesses together in ways we never imagined. It’s this type of innovation that will continue to drive our global society.”

Proponents of GTLDs have also claimed that businesses were no longer restricted to only .com – giving businesses the opportunity to be more creative with their website addresses.

So, is GTLD a success?

The short answer is no. Businesses or individuals are not widely registering generic top-level domain names. Have you registered one? It seems like the proponents of GTLDs were too optimistic. With 4 months in GTLDs haven’t been widely adopted.

To give a bit of perspective, here below are the top 3 registered TLDs:


That’s 113 million .com registered, and ticking. To GTLDs defense it should be mentioned that it’s still early days. Plus many of the (assumed) popular ones like .shop, .blog, .buy, .video and so on haven’t rolled out the general public yet.

Top 10 registered GTLDs

#1.GURU54,370JAN 26, 2014
#2.BERLIN46,580MAR 17, 2014
#3.PHOTOGRAPHY34,257FEB 02, 2014 (XN–3DS443G)30,795MAR 18, 2014
#5.EMAIL27,574MAR 16, 2014
#6.LINK23,644MAR 29, 2014
#7.TODAY22,319FEB 09, 2014
#8.TIPS21,183FEB 16, 2014
#9.COMPANY17,253MAR 09, 2014 (XN–FIQ228C5HS)14,605MAR 18, 2014

Bottom 10 registered GTLDs

#1.CONSULTING1APR 26, 2014
#2.EXPERT2MAY 04, 2014
#3.TIENDA2APR 27, 2014
#4.WORKS2APR 27, 2014
#5.САЙТ (XN–80ASWG)3MAR 19, 2014
#6.ОНЛАЙН (XN–80ASEHDB)3MAR 19, 2014
#7.WIEN7MAY 01, 2014
#8.WIKI10MAY 06, 2014
#9.DEMOCRAT26APR 08, 2014
#10.DANCE33APR 08, 2014


What do you think? Have you registered one, or are thinking about getting one? Then leave a comment below. We would love you to know what you think!

If you want to have a look at what GTLDs are available to register, then you can head over to or and have a look

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